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Meet Harvey Cashore, the journalist who authored THE TRUTH SHOWS UP at NICOLAS HOARE BOOKS, 419 Sussex Dr., OTTAWA, CANADA

Signing: Meet Harvey Cashore, the journalist who authored THE TRUTH SHOWS UP: A Reporter’s Fifteen –Year Odyssey Tracking Down the Truth about Mulroney, Schreiber and the Airbus Scandal, on May 31, the day the Oliphant Commission delivers its report on the Mulroney-Schreiber affair. 7: 30 to 9.00 p.m., at NICOLAS HOARE BOOKS, 419 Sussex Dr., Tel:. (613) 562-2665

The Truth Shows Up
A Reporter's Fifteen-Year Odyssey Tracking Down the Truth About Mulroney, Schreiber

Harvey Cashore

The story begins back in 1995 when 29-year-old Harvey Cashore—a producer for the fifth estate investigating a story about bribes in the airline industry—is tipped to a story that Airbus Industrie has paid out millions of dollars to officials in Canada. The Truth Shows Up is Harvey Cashore’s fascinating story of his more than ten-year journalistic odyssey tracking down the story of Airbus and the astonishing charges linking Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to money-lender Karlheinz Schreiber. Parts of this story have been told before. But the most explosive revelations have never been revealed. Until now. Not only does Cashore have unprecedented access to the tight-lipped Schreiber but he has for this book a new and impeccable source that sheds new light on Mulroney’s very public denials of wrongdoing. As well, the book is an unforgettable portrait of the lonely and often very dangerous job of an investigative journalist. Cashore was routinely vilified, intimidated, threatened, investigated and twice was sued in increasingly aggressive efforts to stop him from uncovering the truth. There were times when he believed his career was over. But he would not give up. As Schreiber himself candidly told Cashore in 2006: “Sooner or later the truth shows up, whether you like it or not. You just have to wait.” The Truth Shows Up is as much a political expose as it is a work of personal redemption.

About the Contributor(s)

HARVEY CASHORE is Senior Producer of The CBC NewsInvestigative Unit and co-author with Stevie Cameron of the bestselling book The Last Amigo: Karlheinz Schreiber and the Anatomy of a Scandal. He lives in Toronto.

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On Sale Apr. 24, 2010
Pages 544
Publisher Key Porter Books
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Karlheinz Schreiber faces extradition to Germany, but not until he testifies in a federal inquiry.

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