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Misguided Fatawas in the Missing Time by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

Fadl Allah is known as an open-minded person. The interpretation about the real relationships between man and woman in one hand is an excellent and close to the true that can not be any time complete.

On the other hand is not a new and difficult or hard thing to understand by any usual person. I have to question Muftis in all Islamic World and abroad why Muslims still not able independently eat, drink, walk , social and etc up to now ?

Is there are not enough education of religions and moralities at schools, homes, mosques and universities since their childhood? The answer of course no. So, what is the reason?

In my opinion the systems of Islamic countries aim to stupefy and dull their citizens since childhood until the cemetery.

The mass of media, scientists, intellectuals, imams and others are participating in this harmful , devastated and dirty game.

The main target is stopping people from thinking about important and essential things such as social justice, distribution of wealth, freedoms and governance and etc.

Muslims Muftis and their recent and past fatwas are used as a camouflage by authorities and their groups to continue their bad politics, as well as play main role in Muslims division, and inspiration to fight.

I challenge them to think correctly and freely in order to start interpretation, deal and tell their opinions about important social issues such as OPIUM KHAT in YEMEN, LOCAL DRUG( BINGO) in Egypt.

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