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Montgomery Legion a poem by By M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.


Recollection is an eagerness to check the melody of times, times of struggles that define truth, equality, justice, loyalty and faith. 

Reminiscences are for whom that establishes the fundamentals of equality and constitutions of friendships.

Oh my friend! How many acquaintances are there who believe in truth, knowledge and civilization; of the loyal, noble, honourable and experts?  Do you have any of these qualities?

And how many teachers and kings, who desire to dig out and construct the path of truth, civilization and friendship?

For not only you may love; have the heart for civilization, but also for teachers, who teach either loyalists or non-loyalists the principles of truth, equality, justice and the good path of behaviours.

However, some of them betray the secret, justice and the constitutions of their dearest friends.  For the Lord and Her Majesty the Queen, the royals pride, dignity and honour.

Those who believe in the narrowest path with its thorns and it narrowness have a reason to believe in no trespassing.

In Montgomery's eyes is drawn the truth, struggles and road maps.

They are reflections of His, Her and their pride; the glory of friends and comrades.


Oh Montgomery! The teachers and leaders who teach princes and princesses knowledge keep the banners burning. This is called faith and discovering the seas or oceans, skies or the discovery of space, mines and gems.

Montgomery Legion is struggling with life, nature and space. The mirrors of existence are reflected in minds and sentiments of usual and unusual creatures are felt.

They appear as magic by faith; they look colourful, reflected, or attractive humans.  For males and females; and creatures of the universe have directions.

Some of them seem as friends, brothers or comrades. However, they are enemies.

Montgomery's Legion is a reflection of faith, sounds of machines, arms of workers and soldiers as well as the power of nature or human wish.

Montgomery's Legions are either a reflection of real teachers, fathers or friends or leaders of truth and justice.

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