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Name without a voice a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

They are leaving without saying any word, but they paint icons of death, Life, generosity, diligence,  kindness, loyalty ,  truth and beauty.
They are behind the barriers coming from no where, but their ships of travel gear-up for speed.
From their  wounds in life they plant and grow senses to become sensible in their own world.
Name without a voice, is  it expressed in such habits, as hunger smoking, booze and drugs?
Name  without a voice, is it like a painting  on the side-walk and  in such a way as a rash of gashing sound of water?
Name without a voice,  like thunder and rain.
Name without a voice, like fur of smoke.
Name without a voice, like a rust and sand.
Name  without a voice, like a dream that claims flirts with fiction.

Who are they that are lost? What is their world like? How do they express their anguish or jubilations? Are they all expressed in symbolisms of  life,  generosity, diligence,  kindness, loyalty ,  truth and beauty? These are the names of voices of the lost members of our societies.


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