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Obama and the son of Abdu Al-Mutalib, the Republic of slaves and elderly religious traitors to the Secretariat by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

The Yemeni President swears at the race of Indians, Indonesians and Somalis

His Excellency President Barack Hussein Obama: Abu Samra

After greeting and appreciation

This is my message to you in order to carry responsibility of the liberation of slaves in North Yemen from persecution, discrimination, racism, ignorance, poverty and disease. For many centuries they suffer harsh conditions, because the religious and secular revolutions of emancipation and liberation the of slaves did not extend to them due to the unjust ruling elites of governors, whom their traditions and beliefs do not have any thing associated with the true God .

His majesty, as you know the son of Abdu Al-Mutalib, Omar Al-Faruq was and will be a protagonist not only for the slaves but also for disinheriting, the paupers, the needy and the wayfarer.

The latest events for the son of Abdu Al-Mutalib was God’s message for the wise , strong and capable rulers to express their deep anger regarding slavery, including intransigent freemen of North Yemen and what practice against them genocide and persecution of tyrants era torturers.

The son of Abdu Al-Mutalib carried the torch of light and faith. The grandson of Abdu Al-Mutalib said that the race, espousing the son of Abdu Al-Mutalib. The support of superpowers as well as the support of other countries of the world is needed and should start immediately in order to help him to realize his mission.
I would like to tell Your Excellency to take action within government and non-government agencies as a matter of urgency in order to rush very quickly and rescue human beings.

Furthermore, evacuations of the victims of every kind of conflicts must be made to neutral state interests in civilizations, laws and non-intemperance, religious, or national nation. In addition, taking strict procedures on Yemeni’s unjust governors and the freezing of their assets, including fixed and mobile in Western and International banks.

Finally, I wish you and all Americans all the best of 2010.

You are my friend and I will not disagree.
In my childhood I was playing with your shadow and your colours.
I was reciting the Qura'n, singing songs and repeating the letters Q and A.
We were breaking the bread and eating it with anchovies.
I have soaked in their absences not only in hot allspice water, but also in Sudanese Roselle.
I drank and ate the rest in the days of a nasty enemy conspiracy.
Death with dignity, whether on a bed or a chair of death or by the sword.
Dr. Mohamed Tawfik Al- Mansouri, President expected .
If I do not become President, I promise you, I will never deviate from my goal.
I have already informed them with bad torment in pre-afterlife and the before the grave, as well as I promised them the establishment of the Kingdom of Rooster and Hoopoe with dignity, peace, asceticism and righteousness, and they will sing epic of Adam and Eve in its bright letters and “No” to the letters A, N and the end of the letter A("No" to Violence).

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