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Hitch your wagon to a star

Oil in the Desert, Blood on the Pavement and Bohemian Owls Resting on Skulls

Your essence is exact and delicate, and you were playing barefoot and bald-headed near a river, pond, and dam as well as in a swimming pool.

Your neighbours Mohsana and Ward Mc Mohamed Othman complain and suffer from smallpox and frightening tuberculosis diseases, and Hageb Ali, the one-eyed, moans of pain and sometimes he makes fun of Naima, the blind, as well as of Abdullah Qurod, the unsighted person. He adds saying oh Lord, the Gentle and the Knower of subtleties.

Then whom to ask for help?

How? and he is the long, wide, an extraordinary, the most beautiful, the unjust, the ugly and the skinny.

Abdul-Rakib absented his village and left the school and the field as well as the hammer and hatchet-axe, and went to the desert of the oil and its coast. He visited the Kaaba, and Al-Qatif. He was looking for another world, as it is said that it is a high class and delicate place.

However, he returned to his homeland full of physical and mental diseases. He lost his conscious as well as his civil rights in the original homeland as well as in the country of the owner of the Kaaba, Al-Taif, Al-Jawf and Al- Afif.

In this way, rights are lost, souls are traded and blood is shed in the countries of the polluted and dishonest ruler.

Abdul-Rakib, do you remember our dog Khrushchev, the white and Popeye, the scarier of Shukri, the cat and the eater of bread?

They have lost their visions and become afraid of everything dynamic or static, and trembling powerfully of terror, hunger and thirst, their black and white hairs have fallen out in spring, summer, winter, as well as in the autumn.

In that case, the state sent a corps of its army groups, who trained in shooting from far distance and hunting, followed by a division trained to fight terrorism and a special division to throw bombs of strong and weak mustard gas in order to kill the dogs in Al-Jawf, Aden, Taiz, Saada, Riyadh, Damascus, Amman, Sinai and Al-Hofuf.

Nonetheless, their ammunition ended in vain to kill Khrushchev, the white or Popeye, the black, and the fine looking. However, they destroyed everything and contaminated fields, looted storages of farmer, embroider and the cargo space of the makers of arabesque masterpieces, and tried to flee at the night disguised in masks and clothes designed and embroidered in the Al-Saqifh and ranks awarded to them by a silly.

However, the leader sent droves of aviation and his bodyguards, led by Abdullah Aklan, Al-Okfia, Ahmed Naif and Sulttan, the rambler. Hence, they killed both loyal dogs and their bloods still be spared to bleed bleeding the pavement.

But the viruses of the both dogs have moved from the blood pavement to the Palace and to the light green coastal resort.

As a result of that, the rabies affected the leader and his nepotism and associates. Its symptoms are hallucinations, defeat of sense and loss and the identity, furthermore, cramped and nervous speech, disorders in institutions, and paralysis in the reform movements in the days of elections, holidays and business days.

They become isolated in their places and stables and unable to defend their children, and lands, including Jerusalem the holy city. They replaced battles by summits of Sharm el-Sheikh, Doha and other provinces and regions of bananas and apples in Lebanon or in Al-Qatif.

It is wonderful thing when we see the leaders of hotels, bars, and tunnels parking themselves under the white and delicate.

What is a great meeting of leaders in all museums located in the Gulf or near the line of Bar-Lev.

What really surprised the cleric, who barks, carries a holy scripture, and who calls to prayers every morning and evening, saying " Lord is the Greater and come to the success" in Cairo of Al-Muizz or in the homeland of swordfish, who frights of telling the truth in times of needs and pains, wounds and death, the scholar and interpreter of leader of the tunnels, the coward and fearful to extend his hand to shake hands of the offender Peres, who committed the Sea's Cows School, Qana's Massacres, the killer and the butcher of kids ,and who is infected by Alzheimer disease.

No vaccine benefit them, and they still and will be in convulsion and disorder till the castles become destroyed and felled in the moment of crashing violence.

What is a beautiful day, the day of Conquest?

Let us work for that morning.

In the Sura of Poets No.26, and Ayah No. 224-227 God Almighty says " And as to the poets, those who go astray follow them. Do you not see that they wander about bewildered in every valley? And that they say that, which they do not do. Except those who believe and do good and remember the LORD much, and defend themselves after they are oppressed; and they who act unjustly shall know to what final place of turning they shall turn back''.

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