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Ontario PC Party Leader Tim Hudak Annual Volunteer Appreciation BBQ on August 15th, 2010 at 1.oo pm





Hudak Announces Bill to Help New Canadians Build their Careers and Create Jobs in Ontario




Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak today shared details of his upcoming Newcomers Employment Opportunities Act. The act includes practical and affordable measures to help new Canadians find employment and create jobs in Ontario.


Hudak’s bill would lower the investment threshold for any immigrant investor who is looking to open a business outside of the Greater Toronto Area. In addition, the bill would provide new tax incentives for employers who pay for English and French language training for new Canadian employees. Finally, Hudak’s bill would require every Ontario regulated profession to provide potential immigrants with affordable and comprehensive access to credentialing information.


Hudak, who also serves as Ontario PC Citizenship and Immigration critic released the details of his bill after meeting with prominent business leaders from several of Ontario’s multicultural communities at the Mississauga Seniors’ Centre.











“I’m the grandson of immigrants myself. My grandparents came to Ontario because it represented the best opportunity to build a better life for their children and grandchildren. Now that I am in public life, I want to do my part to help other new Canadians realize their dreams right here in Ontario.”

– Ontario PC Leader Tim Hudak

“New Canadians want nothing more than to have a level playing field and a fair opportunity to build better careers in their new home. This bill will give them more of the tools they need to succeed.”

– Roundtable Participant Gul Nawaz; Senior Partner, Nawaz, Taub & Wasserman Chartered.



Sunday, August 15th, 2010

From 1:00 to 4:00 p.m.
please join
Ontario PC Party Leader Tim Hudak
for our Annual Volunteer Appreciation BBQ.
Your dedication and hard work has made
our party strong and united. Thank you!

Greenwood Conservation Area, Ajax
(South of Hwy. 7 at Westney & Greenwood Rd.)

please contact Harriet at

Link to Ontario PC Party BBQ Announcement


Quick Facts:


If passed, Tim Hudak’s Newcomers Employment Opportunities Act would do the following:

  • Lowers Investment requirements from $3,000,000 to $1,000,000 for immigrant applicants applying for permanent residence status in the investor category if the immigrant investor plans to operate a business outside of the Greater Toronto Area.
  • Provide a new tax credit to eligible employers who arrange for occupation specific English as a second language or French as a second language training for immigrant employees who have been in Canada for less than two years. The tax credit would be equal to 10% of the enrolled employees’ wages.
  • Require regulated professions to make training materials and credentialing information available to prospective immigrants online while empowering the Fairness Commissioner to monitor reasonableness of Ontario professional credentialing processes compared to other jurisdictions.

Read more at the PC Party of Ontario






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Official PC Party of Ontario Logo’d Clothing, Gifts and Giveaways


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Official PC Party of Ontario Logo’d Clothing, Gifts and Giveaways






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