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The Editorial Executive Secretary's Open Letter to the Media Censorship and Intelligence Departments at the Republic of Tunisia

Canada, France and the world, January 17, 2009
Subject: The Prosecution of Criminals, who Flee From Justice Sirs, We know all things about your capability of doing things in your green homeland such as violating freedoms or the trade sale of receivables. For instance, the transaction of police cars in exchange for the assassination of the Palestinian military leader Khalil Ibrahim al-Wazir, known by the famous organizational name "Abu Jihad".
Otherwise what might be done in the overseas employment opportunities for the not spot intelligence services in exchange for dirty money and wealth. Moreover, we would like to have you remember the case of the fugitive of his Excellency, the president, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, from the Republic of Poland, when he was an ambassador not only because of his charges of violating the national security of Poland, but also owing to his unethical practices!

Your unfriendly behaviours and attitudes, which were expressed by the censoring of our Newspaper from the mass media and public of Abu Zayd Ibn Rizq Al-Hilali is a shameful act and reflects the lack of maturity, as well as the abuse of freedoms and democracy that your system has caused to.

We would like to inform you that the editorial board of Afnan Electronic Newspaper and all its shades and supporters generally in the World, and particularly in Canada and France that criminalize you of the barbaric actions, and we will try hard to have you face justice.

Furthermore, we will appeal to the International press and media to withhold and to punish the Tunisian official media, which mislead the great Tunisian people as a whole.

In addition, you must note that we in the West have access to everything from technologies to the Internet, which are products of our creativity, yet you are only the consumers and bad users of these products.

We also welcome articles, studies and reports of the Tunisian dusty regime crimes against its citizens, falsification of democracy and the abuse of public and private freedoms.

In conclusion, best regards and wishes to all sincere Tunisians.

Cordially yours,

On behalf of Afnan editorial board, the Editorial Executive Secretary and the member of conservative party of Canada
Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik Ph.D.

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