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Poisons of the body a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.d.

Poisons of  the body, did you them?
They are the ousted leaders that cause problems.
But Thirty three of them are the top of the list: murder , ignorance and corruption.
The public is categorized, as cheap and fake without envy  when these public diseases poison the minds of the populace.
The poison of the body are toxic to the mind that is left carelessly.
It is a game, a game of the mind when political protagonists stage their plans for poisoning the minds of many.
Their influence are like waves of the sea and aura of fire from hell.
Summer is hot, but winter is cold, their devises cannot be affected by the poison that come from their political platforms.
Commonly the destiny of their lies and craftiness will die like Dhi Nawas Humairi and the Pharaoh of Egypt at the sea.
It was time to leave, and the hotheens who have burned every beautiful thing inYemen must know that they cannot build a nation with their models of confusing the masses with Islamic values.
It is the dance and song of the recent deaths in Yemen. These are the poisons of the bodies used by crooked politicians in the middle east.

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