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Globalize the Crimes is the New Political Trend of sub actors and interest groups of superpowers in order to force governments of the world to participate in committing crimes, and to misguide the public opinion.

A separation barrier is a duplicated, replicated and animated job of pro-globalization of conflicts. It describes the failure of superpowers and non –governmental organizations and establishments in solving disputes .Walls of Apartheid are also the political masks to misguide the international opinion and governments.

Crimes’ Globalization is the only way to protect the real criminals and it creates false layers of support for victims.

A wish for the world: free of war, Equality for women in some Islamic countries, Equality for men with women in Poland, Dogs should be protected in South East Asia, Oxen in Spain, Kindness for donkeys in the Arab World, Freedom and rights for educated people in Republic of Yemen and stop using magic and trauma in educational systems in North America.

The ideal airport is the one, which has not only the good geographical site but also the economic, political, organisational and technical features and facilities, in addition the security, which is lost due to the international violence and terrorism. Hence, to achieve the idealism and optimism we should to solidarize as a nations to eliminate the dilemmas. I think that media has the major impact on playing the role of peace.

I am not surprised that blind, deaf, halt and mute people enjoy doing many things such as watching television, because many scientific people have created many tools, methods and implementations to help those mentioned people to solve their problems, among the creative people is the famous eminent scientist, inventor and innovator Alexander G. Bell, who invented the telephone.

Governments, societies and families should to work in harmony in order to stop this harmful phenomena, which called obesity. Educational programs and city's and health rules should be extremely applied.

Everything in our nature has influences on our physical, biological and biological properties ,in addition; mankind's are different due to their non- identical genes. So, actions and reactions, which appear in the form of sadness and happiness etc are a result of those factors and their interactions. Finally, everything is a relative.

I think that Mr. Cecchini's protest is one of the most intellectual protest, due to his innocent conception. It is not only amazing but also effective to draw our scene to fell and think in order to be transferred to another phase of thought.

I am not a taxi driver. Seldom I drive cars. However, I like driving. I do it exactly without accidents and respectfully to the city, police rules.

I watched many wedding films, furthermore; I participated in discussing them. They included a lot of information due to their diversity and multiculturalism because of that etc I like them to much.

I do not only watched and read about earthquakes and other disasters on general media and scientific references, but also I faced earthquake two times. First time in Yemen and second time in Canada. Both of them were small or big but far from epicentre, so the chair of which I sat down shook as well as the floor.

I would apply for a job as a politician in order to help in solutions the World's confrontations based on my qualifications, experiences, skills as well as my independency and capability. Who would like to support me please, contact me and this is not spoof advertisement.

This attempt is one of many former proves, which tell us that greener fuels are renewable resource of energy and relatively friendly to the environment. However; the cost of its’ extraction is higher than the cost of petroleum. In addition, it can not replace the petroleum owing to the high cost and also the area of cultivation that should be wide. Many countries such as Brazil and India have a large land and they cultivate sunflower etc, for this purpose.

Controlling temper” is not easy and simple thing. On the other hand there is many techniques, styles and methods for controlling anger among them the psychological one, which is the most important. So, meditations and worships are useful for some people because they make the brain produce some chemical substances, which reduce the anger and make the person peaceful. Treatment methods of anger should start earlier for instance, for kids by create a soft anger environment to let children react, then observe them and control their reactions and manage them. By this way, the person will used to absorb the anger. It is one of my methods for healing friends' and relatives' anger.

Housewives should be paid owing to their an important physical and administrative jobs , which most of families need nannys' assistance.

My favourite sports are swimming and table tennis. Both of them help me to be in good physical , social and mental condition.

Leaders of the world should understand the diversity of languages not to speak them

We should take every thing individually, so people, plants, animals, insects and other creators react differently to music and voices etc due to their motional and intellectual level, which is usually under the impact of factors.

Valentine's Day is a nice and creative idea, which let us officially express our love to the creator , creature, woman etc. Women are not only like a rose flower but also like wheat, pure and clear water and air.

The most important thing is keeping our cities old and beautiful, however; renovation is needed and essential to revolve our landmarks of the past. Therefore, our cities can be extend in the wide , and skyscrapers are important especially in the countries, which have small pieces of land, or in the modern cities .

Of course every loud sound has harmful impact on our feeling and sense and it can cause a physical sickness too.

The dust storm is an element of the environment, which balance the micro- and macro- environment. The dust storm is essential to provide rich nutrients for marine life as well as to fertilize soils and plants.

There are few graduate divas, yet most of employers are arrogant and lacking in technology and thought. Therefore, they are obstacles , which hinder the development of future generations.

I can trustily say that I am an owl, but I am also a lark as well as a rooster in waking people up in order to fight and struggle for their rights.

There are few graduate divas, yet most of employers are arrogant and lacking in technology and thought. Therefore, they are obstacles, which hinder the development of future generations.

I do not have any phobia, but I have many things, which drive my crazy such as falsehood and hypocraticalism.

The way that we can beat the cheating in exams is the wisdom . The wisdom of teachers, families and societies .

In my opinion, the talented and handsome. Politician is Mr. Tony Blair, due to his nice voice and the English accent, and the wide-spreading of English Language.

Usually I get like a house on fire with my girl when I meet her during the moonshine in Summer and during the Winter snow in the mid of day.

The new achievement in computers field to help disable people is helpful and can be used for different purposes. The conception and the creation of this method is not the new. Because it has already been used in many field such as agronomy, environment, medicine and etc.

I agree that our teenagers in nowadays are growing up fast, and mimicking everybody, that pay them attentions. We should control their behaviours, advice and correct them.

To reduce the pollution I will leave many things among them my car. The pollution in the cities could be decreased by using catalyzes and clean fuel.

As a real Muslim man, I encourage and advice the UK schools to put on a nativity play, because it is an advantaged thing, and no one in the world is against the Christ and his holiness and greatness.

Internet could have pros and cons. At crèche it can be use but not regularly, yet at home it is a form of spying. So, we do not need our children to live in M-6 or CIA conditions. However, we need the sensibility, and the wisdom, that can not come from the non human beings.

Museum of Civilization in Hull, Canada occupies a unique place in the minds and hearts of all Canadians and visitors of the world. It keeps and reserves the ancient and modern history and general and specific heritage of the country.

I am a Canadian Arab Our favourite food is all food cooked by people of the city called Aden. I would like every body to test the meal of rice , fish , sauce of vegetables and Hindi seasonings.

I am a Muslim who is living with Christians, and other ethnicities. We usually celebrate both Eid and Christmas in very nice ceremonial rites, e.g. we eat, drink, sing and go out of the door.

I think that people, who are dancing are not only a talented and youthful in feeling but also they are the dreamers of true beauty and gorgeousness of life.

Every person is a car lover due its usefulness, and the car that is favourable is economical and environmental one.

My favourite film of last year was the Arabic-Egyptian film “Da-Da”, and the T.V. programme is, the American Serial “Dynasty”. They contain good information. Each person try to do his best to earn money and power. The proverb says that the “calamities of a flock are the benefits for another flock.”

Solitary confinement is one of the method that uses in education to assist the students in learning. It is like exceptional methods of learning under traumatic, spiritual and magical conditions. Those methods cause many influences such as sensory deprivation, disorientation and hallucination, which result in increasing the imagination. I lived for 14 years in those circumstances. My first experience occurred during the time I earned my Ph.D. degree.

I do not speak any endangered languages. I know that there are several local languages that are used by minorities and they are important to keep the heritage of mentioned nations. The future is for the five languages of the United Nations, and for German and Russian languages.

In our nowadays, every job done from the heart and brain causes a disease.

I could live without my mobile phone or I can limit using it, due to it dangerous in causing disease.

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