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RCMP: Canada’s Image and Beautification Part Two

· The Pope of Rome His Holiness, the Benedict XVI, is not recognized by Catholic Canadian organizations and Establishments.

· Tattoos and Piercing have influence on psychology of people. Alternative arts are recommended to beautify our country.

· International Integrated Security Systems use the religious establishments in Canada for illegal activities and transactions to censure their crimes.

· International Integrated Security Systems , who use favorite symbols, colors, and body languages to hide their illegal activities and to influence people psychology in order to involve them to work illegally with their dogmas, or to hate another groups are dishonest for Canadian Security system.

· The organizations that use the images of their references secretly in order to work with them illegally are dangerous for our security system, likewise the organizations that use the images of friends, families of the past. They aim to hide their crimes and illegal transactions ( Polish integrated security systems and their masks, and Yemenite integrated security systems and their masks).

· The International Integrated Security Systems that use Palmistry and magic to fight against each other to propagandize their dogmas are dangerous due to their hidden activities.

· International Integrated Security Systems in Canada not only use food in religious and non-religious establishments and organizations to feed people, but also to kill their manners, attitudes and inspirations. Reformations are necessary.

· Foreign Minister of Yemen, the Canadian citizen and his collations are dangerous for national and international security systems.

· Rahal Saba, the Canadian-Yemenite mediator for immigration and transactions: dishonest work, illegal transactions and corruptions.

· Telepathy of Feb. 16th, 2010, is a resource of dishonest works, violence, and crimes. It was represented nationally by duwlcitizen and internationally by Republics of Yemen and Poland, as well as by Ottawa’s security police and religious and non-religious establishments and organizations.

· Most of the national and international non-governmental and governmental organizations are penetrated by criminals and corrupted investors as well as people, owing to the gaps in local, provincial, and federal organizations (Police and CSIS). Bribes and temptations are used. Violence, exploitations for newcomers are used too in order to work with them dishonestly in national and international conflicts.

· Immigration Canada is corrupted by the influences of politicians also.

Health Care: Dental costs are high and their jobs are not guaranteed. Canadians are in trouble and travel overseas due to the policy of Health Care and Dental Organizations. Moreover, the international integrated security systems use some of the Clinics to abuse the law and the national security systems.

· Telepathies of Friday and Saturday 19th & 20th, 2010, represented by the Yemeni regime and their friends the Canadian French and Chinese activists groups in our society as well as Catholics and Muslims groups are gaps for the national and international security systems.

· Military and non-military diplomatic tools are the solutions to reform the governmental and non-governmental organizations, which are penetrated by corrupted regimes of Yemen and Poland.

· Immigration Canada, Canadian High Commission In Abu-Dhabi, can not take the decision about the immigration of my wife to Canada because of the corrupted and dishonest works of Catholic and Muslims establishments and organizations.

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