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RCMP: Canada’s Image and Beautification Part Three

Fights Against Crimes and Terrorism in National and International Area

· Media of Armies of Liberation is a conception and resource that invests only in crimes. It does not care about the United States of America’s Internal and external affairs.

· Diplomatic lines of Yemen give facilities for former Iraqi’s Regime to renovate their activities in fighting against the world’s security.

· The Yemeni-American Institute of fighting against the Terrorism, is a resource of delusions. Likewise the American-Yemeni journalists, the residents in United States of America.

· Security Unit of Somerset at Bank Street, Building No. 395 is a resource of crimes, terrorism and dishonest work.

· The Security Unit of MacLaren Street at Bank, Building No. 415 is a resource of crimes, terrorism and dishonest work e.g. apartments No.904, 905, 907, 912, and 1110.

· The Security Integrated System of Bell Street North, is a resource of dishonest work, crimes, hate and prostitutions, Jewish of Eastern European Countries unit: Delusion works to censure their crimes and dishonest activities.

· The Integrated International Security System of Kent Street Merry Dwyer Unit is a resource is a resource of illegal drugs, crimes, corruption and prostitutions: Delusion works to censure their crimes and activities.

· Immigration Canada: The International Integrated Security Systems are dishonest: Crimes, corruption. They used Canada’s’ facilities like banks, documents, passports etc to prevent regimes and spread the influenza, they also abuse the rights of newcomers to direct them for their dirty jobs.

· International Media Support : Al-Jazeera fabricates the issues of Al-Qada with corporations with former Iraq’s regime as well as with the Zionist, and Communist Organizations. In addition, with dishonest capitalists of Arabian Peninsula.

· The International Integrated Security Systems of Algonquin College are dishonest: fights and corruptions.

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