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RCMP: Canada’s Image and Beautification Part Four

The Integrated International Security Systems with Catholic School Board and Catholic Immigration are resource of dishonest work: Corruptions: Double agents with different masks ( Since 2001-2010)

· Polish illegal activities in Canada

The illegal activities of Gulf University about their illegal activities

(Fights among Polish an Iranian people) and about the acceptance for new employers from different countries.

· Elgin Medical Clinic is a link to polish and international security systems ,who are trying to abuse the law of Canada (dishonest job, crimes).

· Para disco Coffee, Elgin street is a link to abuse the law (They are looking for believers and activist for their dirty work).

· Ottawa University of Civil Engineering Professor Andre Skaffe is a link of dishonest international work ( Fighting with Islamic Union was a bribe to achieve a job at Ottawa University, specialization was not needed in my case to get a job).

Te:. (613): 562-5800 ext: 6140

· Yemenite –Polish Masks

Yemenite Informational Center in Ottawa. Agent for former regime of Iraq and, a taxi driver )

· Name: Fathi Al-Qataa

Tel:. (613): 421-57-33

· B. Yemeni Embassy (distribution of illegal drugs with its informants, prostitutions)

· NVC 7 an agent for former Iraqi regime

Name: Sami Saeed

Tel:. (613) 86-9111

· Jawad Al-Iraki, an agent of former Iraqi regime cooperation with Sami Saeed

Tel:. 613: 2980-337

· Kalid’s Mothers a former informant regime of Iraq (crimes activities nationally and internationally)

Tel:. (613) 8222288 illegal ( Crimes Internationally cooperation work with NVN 7 Tel:. (613): 81-69111 locations (a former resident of Gatineau).

· Socialist illegal activities in Canada, Yemenite and Iraqis immigrants or citizens as well as Syrian and Lebanese people (crimes, terrorism, dishonest work , double agents cooperate with Embassy of Syria with former Soviet Union

· Mohamed Al-Qahri

Quebec City

Tel:. 418-661-2285

· Samir Al-Wan Al-Sakaf

Tel:. 613.8848582

· Riad Al-Akbari, the former Ambassador of Yemen in Iraq (socialist)

Tel:. (613): 843-9939

· Abdul Naseer Ateef, Yemeni Community Center ( Crimes, Illegal distribution drugs and links for socialist countries)

Tel:.(613) 8626147 or (613) 262-6147

· Jamal Al-Salimi

Tel:. (613): 2555173 or (613): 2629624

· Fouad Al-Akhali

Tel:. (613) 2760-945

· Khair Allah Said

Tel:. (819) 561-6095 or (613) 789-4333

· Mohamed Al-Badawi

Tel:. (613) 657-4719 or (613) 260-8491

· Hazim Shukri

Tel:. (613) 263-2352

· Carlos, A Syrian informant with a group of Iranian, Yemeni informants (Mr. Ismail, from Yemen, and Iranian informant/s/)

Tel:. (613) 230-7923 (Covering crimes of leaders).

· Jehan Fakili

Cell phone:. 647-882-3323

· Mohamed Abu Hassan Al- Bairm, a Palestinian-Syrian-Canadian (Crimes of leaders of south Yemen)

Tel:. (613)842-0363

Cell Phone:. (613) 261-7633

· Embassy of Yemen, (Crimes, Prostitution , Illegal drugs, terrorism, corruption

· Mr. Abdul Latiff Al-Shargbi

Tel:.(613) 261-1553 or (613)729-6627

· Nassir Al-Sakaff

Tel:. (613) 986-1818 or (613) 866-8585

· Banks of Scotia renovate their former methods of exploration into a new electronic ones.

· New moral and economic aspects should be taken under attention due to the marriage in order to secure our society.

· Owner of an idea to help disable people. It was taken by the soldiers of William Booth at Salvation Army, 2003.

· Owner of a moral idea to advertise seniors problems and together them internationally. It was taken at the Salvation army, and directed to be a gift for Palestinian seniors, the victims of the wars, 2003.

· The Health Care Systems in Canada needs a renovation due to the masks use in the integrated economic sectors (Public and Private).

· Islamic individual requirements in health care and in different organizations need a correction due to their strict needs. Responsible people of these groups in one hand ,create obstacles to the same groups and distancing with other groups of our society, on the other hand their behaviors and requirements are used by the internal system as a mask for corruption and fights.

· Monday, 25th, 2010 at 7. 10 p.m. Since 2001 up to present time there are fights among the integrated security systems of our country about the future wealth of SIR M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D. and its distribution.

· Abdul Wahab Zabiba a masks of Yemeni Embassies (Canada, America), recently, he is a refugee in Canada, Ottawa.

· Abdul Majeed Najah, a Canadian-Moroccan citizen a link to Muslims brotherhood, a distributor of economic corruptions. 415-901 MacLaren St, K2P 2C8, Ottawa.

· Catholic Integrated Security Systems of Poland with participation of Jews are full of crimes, hate and discrimination. They extend their empires by using illusionary methods. Mariosz Tel:. (613) 567-7200.

· Ali Al-Awlaqi a Canadian Yemeni citizen (branch Saudi Kingdom and United Kingdom),+ Embassy of Yemen in Ottawa and NVN7 (Canada and America) dishonest work and corruption

· Mr. Ali Al-Awlaqi

Tel: 523-7084.

· Jim Farewell and Donald Throop YMCA, a dishonest integrated national and international Security Systems

Tel:. (613) 237-1320/ Ext: 2483 & 2538.

· Monday 25th, 2010 at 4.20 p.m. a telepathy of criminals of Iraqi former regime were used by the Basmati Cousin address Somerset W. Ottawa, Ontario, K2P 1K0, Tel:. (613) 233-0303.

· The OPL(S ): Multiculturalism in general and bilingualism in particular are subjects of conflicts, which result in corruption in administration and culture. Public Libraries face a stick competition of private sectors. In addition, they are places use by international integrated security systems.

· Ottawa-Carleton DSB Night School, School Council Chair Principal +Mr. Rogers+ Mrs. Marlene Comeau, the teacher of Canadian and World Politics: double agents, dishonest work, discrimination (Masks of hard and sensitive groups, protected and non protected) hate. They use students for their fights. Address Gladstone at Rochester st.

· Ottawa-Carleton DSB Day School, School Council Chair Principal at 440 Albert St., Ottawa, Ontario, Teachers of ESL dishonest work for Canadian Government by International Integrated Security Systems likewise the integrated International Security Systems Night School.

· Chin Radio Ottawa FM 97.9, dishonest work (masks of integrations of diversities groups and selfishness)

Dr. Qais Ghanem

Tel:. (613) 265-4654.

· Ottawa’s Mothers of Peace are hypercritic believers . they damage the true peace in national and international areas.

· The National Council on Canada-Arab Relations (NCCAR ): dishonest work, chaos, corruption and violence at home and abroad. 63 Spark st,, Suite 301, Ottawa, Ontario. Tel:. (613) 238-3795.

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