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RCMP: Canada’s Image and Beautification Part Six

Fights Against Crimes ,Terrorism , hate and disrcimination in National and International Area

132. Eid Haji, Canadian, an agent working for Syria in Abu-Dabai

133. Nada and Jamila, Canadians, Syrian agents lined at Percy street

134. Khalid, Canadian, Libyan agent and the sponsor of Al-Muflihi’s family, Canada, Yemen and the Gulf

135. Salih Al-Fadli, Canadian, Kuwaiti agent , Ottawa

136. Khalid Mohamed Qasim Al-Qadasi, Yemeni- American Citizen, activist with terrorist groups to hide the crime of the Yemeni regime, New Mexico , U.S.A.

137. Abdul Jalil Nowman Al-Qadasi, Yemeni former officer, a citizen of the United Stae of America, the brother of the Muslim brotherhood, who escaped from America with his two children to Yemen

138. Abdul Hakim Naji Al-Hadad, a Yemenite, who holds the American

139. Faisal, Canadian-Jordanian, YMCA and Macs worker

140. Sadik Nowman Mohamed Al-Nabhani, Yemeni, who lives in Sana’a, Tel:. +1-967- 777772717

141. Samir Al-Karsi, Yemen, Sana’a, Tel:. +1- 967- 711839960 or +1-967- 733095156

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