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Recommendation for the Roosters and the Seas : Invisible Sexual beings By M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

Sex exists among human beings and the invisible world, the angels guide, but corrupted by the devils. These evidences occur in natural dreams, as well as in their synthetic dreams either were spiritual or religious. They may be created by psychiatrists, psychologists with their teams and co-workers or magic or socio-traditional activists or owners of potential energies and powers. Those spiritualists who may have the ability to call sprits and send them either over airwaves or by telepathy to their targeted subjects through their dreams may have some forms of revelations.

These methods in one hand are used in the Catholic churches as well as in Buddhist temples to vent the sexuality of the religious staff of both institutions and to transfer them into the world of purity and serenity. On the other hand these techniques and methods are used by intelligence officers as well as psychologists to find evidence of difficult crimes or in investigations with prisoners to extract confessions or as a means to intimidate and cajole in the acts of espionage. In addition, these methods are used in scientific research to benefit human beings or abuse victims.

Sex with the invisible world, which is among the jinn [s] and the jinns [Islamic Mythology about unclean spirits], the jinns and their angels, the angels and the angels, the jinns and the human beings and angels and humans is difficult to distinguish between them in terms of quality or quantity, they are a subject matter of many social, psychological and political factors and are depending on the theory of probability, assumptions and the presence of metaphysics.

In order to play a positive role in life, to breed and continue those kingdoms, Sex deprived the monks and nuns commit numerous crimes in many countries in the past to the present. So, I believe that the abolition on prohibition of sex imposed on Christian clergy, Buddhist is nothing, but devilish acts that have not any relationship with the teachings of God. The Lord and Creator have not advocated denial to human propagation and the grace of sex for human reproduction. The gift of motherhood and childhood has not resulted in this denial, but those who have been denied by their choice commit numerous crimes and sins.

The Semitic and Gentiles have questioned the subject of sex in particular; the Semitic group recognize that every human race, prophets and angels have the dualities of male and female, but only male -like being that expresses the existence of the Semitic cluster.

They should not have hated in contempt of animals; for example swine, donkeys and cows; never be the cause of constant conflicts. Cows are considered as a sacred being and symbol for Hinduism. Groups that have been mentioned here must also respect the rights of the dead, and cemeteries. Respect for the dead should not lead to monopoly of cemeteries by owners; business people who have power and money, but also those not chosen by God to perform scared duties for laying the dead to rest should not confuse people of the world.

The clergy of all religions should return to the scriptures. Absorb their explanations and interpretations in order for the Holy Books to retain their truths. The unnecessary biographies and stories have polluted the truths and caused distorted interests of the hypocrites with their referees with their desires or tendencies in advocating in-human philosophies.

Governments, politicians and religious staff who adopt proverbial languages with collective marriages have invested in politically induced acceptance of social welfare. These languages are induced socially for the purposes of not serving human beings, but for destroying the moral values of mankind that aims to destroy or exploit its victims.

Finally, Governments have to work had by reviewing their policies and visiting religious institutions in order to rehabilitate the misdemeanors of those institutions instead of investing in all acts of organized crime. For example, terrorism, drug trafficking, in human organs trafficking, kidnapping and murder. The religious institutions must use their administrative structures and teaching staff or civilians in such subtle informative occurrences.

Therefore, I recommend political parties not to nominate representatives during elections from junior ranks to the ranks of the prime minister, but make it possible for those who have achieved title of SIR to preserve the integrity of politics and politicians or independence of political parties.

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