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Red wine and Emotions a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

Red wine and Emotions

Red wine symbolic of blood.
White canvas symbolic of roses  and roses for love and love for acceptance and acceptance for tolerance.
Human altitude above the ground is a hang on and a hangover.
Red wine flavors with sugar are reconciled to make the wonders of ferments.
Beautiful girls are your kind of wine to drink to get drunk and be merry. Some you just take a look at them... window strings attached.
A melody sounds in your heart to see beauty and grow closer in space.
Red wine fights several battles of the body and raises good attitudes.
Paradise is never on fire... the blissful feelings are abound and Red wine is the ingredient and solicitor of hidden emotions.
Red wine is the hidden love kit for Arabia where hypocrites will drink it in hiding and where no light can reach.
Red wine warms up the heart of the sorrowful, the delighted, the hopeful and all sorts of emotions.

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