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Reflections on beauty: “ Beauty is but in the eyes of the beholder” by M.T. Al- Mansouri, Ph.D.

Arabic Sextet of Love and Beauty : Esthetics is a scientific and knowledge field, which contains artistry phenomenon, esthetic experience and their relations to the logic and morality etc.
Esthetics depends on triad of knowledge relations (Logic and Truth) and moral relations (Good) plus esthetic relations (Beauty).

Esthetic science is continuously changed due to change in time and place and their coordinates either in the applied side or in the philosophical side, in addition to the laws and religions which play a big and important role in forming and crystallizing esthetics. So philosophers differ in identifying and measuring esthetic, as it is a relative thing, and depends on the artistic values and perception plus many others inherited and acquired qualities. There are two philosophical approaches:

The self-approach that follows the personal approval and relies on power of imagination, thinking and group of interactions between things. Here esthetic is identified and attributed to self and defined as self-psychological phenomena and reflection of the intellectual beauty.

The objective approach, which defines esthetic as an independent thing that is self-existent. By other words, it is phenomena outside the self-extent and liberated from psychological factors presented by the personal moods. This means that a beautiful thing is beautiful in spite of the beauty estimator.

But Love is known as a group of chemical interactions exchanged between beings, creations and even things. There is divine love, brotherhood love, self love, romantic love, Plato love, sexual love, love of Truth and morality, and love of scientist, philosopher and great people in the world. So beauty and love enter inside the social tissue that connects with other sciences and psychological, political, cultural and many effects.

So I ensure on the human privacy and his vision to things like beauty, love, hate and false which are results of matrices, series, determinatives, inheritances and effects that are being circulated by human, affect and be affected with it in certain proportions and relativity.

If we take Love as an example, we will find many names for it passion, affection, fondness, yearning, desire, cordiality, intimacy, secret conversation, adoration and worship.

An Arabic Sextet of Love and Beauty:

1.The Sleeplessness and Reunion

In your love the sleeplessness and I are companions.

There is always a reunion and hugs in the sleeplessness.

In your love the sleeplessness and I are friends.

There is always food and virtues. In your love the sleeplessness and I are tormented. There is always piety, devout, preachment prophecy, hope, miracle and fairness of God.

In your love the sleeplessness and I are joining together to alert.

In sleeplessness there are memories of nights, surprising and pleasant.

2. Lunar Thought

When the moon falls, my soul and spirit ask my where is the escape?

The wind is blowing, the snow is snowing and the sky is raining.

When is falling and the sky is raining.

The summer prospers like the lion with his thick and natty hair, and the winter is shining with his borrowed whiteness.

Is it true that you are the moon and that you possess an attractive face like a human, or are you flaming with light and carrying harm, and in your gusts danger?

3. The Gorgeousness

She is beautiful like a full-grown palm tree in the garden. The birds on the branches are singing, and the rose bush and the basil are dancing for her.

In her heavens are fabulous and spectacular things that compel people and the universe to glory and worship her beautiful features and strands.

The bees are rushing and assembling to drain and smell her nectar and perfumes, and to make a honey for healthy and ailing people.

4. The Beauty

She is a beautiful like a graceful deer. But she is suffering from injustice for centuries, overwhelmed by burdens on her shoulders, wearing draggers around her waists to stop the hunger of her stomachs.

She is a gorgeous, called the Happy Land, but she is blind.

5.The Happy Man

I am the flower and the florescence.

I am not only the agriculture, but also the rain.

I do not believe in killing either humans or cows.

I object to the use of illegal drugs and gossip.

I object to selling either my consciousness or others consciousnesses.

I object to open my pocket to illegal money.

I am fond of the sun and I prospect to the moon.

I am the green, red, white and all the others rainbow colors when the sun shines on the dew after the rain.

6. The Innocence and the Naughtiness

I am seeking my lost love and I found that you are the reason you are cold of love, adoration and sex.

My love is refusable and it likes the refusers.

Be rebellious for me to love.

I want to see in you the wittiness of the innocent devil.

In your breasts there is a revolution, it is a whisper in my ear Beware of the breasts’ revolution?

Do you like the rain? and do you accept to come and play with me under the rain as we were children.

Perhaps a little of rain will wake you up.

You were naughty, and I loved you naughty?

For your lips had a history for me.

Do you remember!

I will remind you.

They say it’s the silence of the lips, but it is the coldness of its on you.

Pardon, that I had remembered that you are cold.

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