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Saada 's bloody farmer a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.



Saada’s bloody farmer gained his knowledge and experience from the arms market in Saada.

He claims to be from the House of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad, but in fact he was from the House of Lat and Hubbul (i.e., the multiple goddesses that was worshipped in pre-Islamic Arabia).He is the messenger of death, ruin and destruction.

Six internal wars consummated their conquest and later stamped out their regime with a coup against constitutional legitimacy of their reign.

The Saada’s bloody farmer lost his compass of jihad and went to Taiz to plant mines and booby traps that ended in misery. It meant that the devil got a gun that shot from distances faraway eluding the traps when targets were destroyed without walking through the booby traps or land mine fields and so what was the wonder all about?

So his legends of his mapped landscape was meant for killing, stealing, sniping and looting.

And there was no hope for freedom, justice, brotherhood and equality.

Oh the revolution of the eleventh of February comes back again, and with your great courage, I seek the good and the glorious days. What was the fuss all about? It was the ignorance that religiosity was the common agenda for ascendancy. It was all in vanity and hypocrisy. Today the descendants of Saad live their identities, as hypocrites and liars. They say, “If you don’t lie, then you don’t qualify, as a descendant” because self-identity is hypocrisy. The Jihadist must be a pathological liar and a murderer.

Now, many people from the Middle East blame America and all the white race for their problems, but in reality, their prospectors are those who try to exercise religiosity by brain washing their innocent citizens into believing that the best religions are the Shiats or Sunnis or the Wahabis. All these are propaganda for hiding their true hatred for their own people. The slogan for the Huthist is: “Death for America, Death for Israel, Curse for the Jews and Victory for Islam”. All these are for brainwashing the jobless citizens. The leaders of these Jihadists make money from their sponsors at the expense of the blood of the innocent children of the poor populations. 


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