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Hitch your wagon to a star

Saint Patrick's Day A Poem Writen by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

I want to celebrate Saint Paddy's Day with the Irish.

Not only by the three-leaf clover, that is a garnish,

but also by drinking Guinness beer and eating fish and radish.

I am a poet, who hates publishing skirmish,

especially, when the topic is about His Excellency the Mayor of the city, the Irish

and the cousin of both British and Scottish.

I want my criticism to pay attention to the need of poor people to replenish,

not to tarnish or punish or banish.

The long-term solutions of transportation make us perish.

It is a mockery and carelessness of parish , tradition and church's cherish.

Irish you should have solidarity with Saint Patrick by means of impoverish,

lavish and refurbish,

not by your countless of ravish.

Our protest was organized by greenish machine in the States, and will widen to Greenwich,

to solidarity with Palestinian, Kurdish and Spanish,

in order to squish the devil and to throw it to the rubbish,

and to abolish the laws of injustice and to finsh it, not to blemish.

Democratic representation , accountability and transparency are like a varnish.

We are proud not only of the one leaf of clover that is represented usually by trifoliate and rarely in fifth or seventh foliate greenish,

from the Arabian desert to the Canadian Thousands Islands , where the famers care about their nourish,

during presowing treatment and flourish.

But also of our maple leaf as it is greenish, yellowish and wheatish,

Raising or painting in the same soils or hearts in Saskatoon or Gaza or Reddish.

Heleluja that I am speaking English, Arabic and Polish.

Did you have a little of vigorish?,

to understand me and to let me accomplish.

Please, write the conditions of publishing and let the readers demonish or astonish, and do not be childish,

to tell us the proverb " like a stingy Jewish",

that inherited from ancestors, and said not only by Danish, Spanish , German, Negirian and Polish.

They should differ between true believers and illegal immigrants from Rusia, Poland and Marrakesh,

who goes to the Holy Land to kill Palestinian kids not only by phosphorious weapons , the whitish.

Let us not only protest to stop crimes by march and in March, yet, to punish.

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Comment by Kozeta Zavalani on March 18, 2010 at 1:29pm
Hallelujah ....Congratulations my friend!

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