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 Citizens of Sana'a found an abducted protester from the Change Square of Sana'a unconscious and blindfolded after the abducters threw him in one of the streets in Al-Saneya district at 10 am.

Witnesses said that the kidnapped, Nabeel Ali Mohammed Abdo (28 years old from Ibb) was found this morning blindfolded and unconscious; his body had signs of brutal torture from all last night. They also said that when he was concious he asked them to hospitalize him to the Change Square.

After his arrival to the field hospital of Change Square, Nabil said that he has been abducted and tortued brutally by a group of kidnappers that they don't know what side do they come from.

He added that he was abducted at 10pm yesterday night when he fainted because of the toxic gas that was launched by security forces on the protesters at the Change Square. He was also accompanied by another protesters, but no one knows his fate until now. He indicated that when he fainted, men in yellow uniform took him into a car as if they will hospitalize him but they took him to a room in an unknown location.

Nabil pointed out that the process of transferring him to this room that he doesn't know where it is only took them 15 minutes to get there. When he arrived to the room, he was tortured by 6 different men that were chewing qat, smoking sheesha and taking turns in torturing him with coal clamp, cigarettes and coal.

Nabil's body has many burn marks, even in his thighs and face. He said that the kidnappers accused him of killing one of their friends and asked him about the weapon that was with him. He told them that he doesn't have a weapon and he didn't kill anyone and he was protesting peacefully before they abducted him. They tortured him all night long, he even fainted several times while he was tortured by burning, beating on his head and several other body parts.

Nabill also said that when he woke up from one of the fainting times, he identified one of the kidnappers, pointint out that he passed out again this morning so the kidnappers got rid of him while unconscious and blindfolded him and threw him at one of the streets, before he was hospitalized by citizens to Change Square.


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