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Title :Terrorism, the Origin and the Sources

Author :M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

Synopsis: Maximum 150 words : Designed to instill deeper thought and reflection, Terrorism, the Origin and the Sources presents a collection of fables, poetry, short stories, essays, scientific papers, and letters written to world leaders. Through these literary forms, author Dr. M.T. Al-Mansouri communicates his opinions on a wide variety of world affairs and issues. Terrorism, the Origin and the Sources offers intellectual thought that depicts the hidden demission of the repressive regimes of the world, their ideologies, political dogmas, myths, and the limited immunity powers. This collection also addresses an eclectic array of topics of interest in the world today: political proclivities, terrorism, prejudice, injustice, multiculturism, war and peace, nationalization, marriage and family, and love and beauty. Through the commentary, musings, and writings in Terrorism, the Origin and the Sources, Al-Mansouri seeks to uncover the truth, after which freedom, justice, and peace will follow.

Page count 325

Category: Fiction, non-fiction, childrens/young adult, poetry, trivia,
self-help, miscellaneous:
  An Anthology pf Poetry Ambigrams and Political Oratories

Available: Websites, bookstores where the book can be purchased, www.
Contact: Author's email, website, phone and fax # and snail mail address
Al-Mansouri M.T. Ph.D. Tel: (613)421-5733,
ISBN # (1) 978-1-4296-4183-5 (sc)
           (2) 978-1-4269-4183-2 (hc)
           (3) 978-1-4269-4184-9 (e)
Price: Perfect Bound Softcover(B/W)  $19.11
          Dust Jacket Hardcover(B/W)  $29.11



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