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This is a forthcoming book published by Trafford Publishing Company. It’s a must read book, shocking, yet interesting!

This is the most interesting poetic, yet a powerful book, which captivates readers’ interest by hinting on real issues, but keeps readers in suspense. The most powerful of the literature is about the incidence of human organ harvesting from disappearing University students at the University of Sana’a in which the author hints an expose about his espionage strategies that he employed while working as an insider with those who participated in human organ trafficking cartels. The culprit, who was a Sudanese worker, was mercilessly using his cult of assassination of University students whose body parts sold around the world for thousands of dollars. A story that stunned the world when BBC world service anchored the arrest of Adam Mohammed, the Yemen University of Sana’a student holocaust executioner who was both a murderer and a victim of the cartel involved with human organ trafficking.

Terrorism and human organ trafficking are serious human rights issues, which have to be taken seriously worldwide. Therefore, governments have to work harder in halting such heinous practices among peaceful, yet unsuspecting citizens in their countries.

Comment by I.I. Isaac, author of Inter African Development & Development Fund

With Alternative Strategies Towards Sustainable Economic Development for Africa

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Comment by Samir Abdrabu on July 28, 2010 at 11:24am
( Terrorrism the Origin and sources ) it sounds a very important book ,how can i get a copy of it ??
i hope to read it and may be i can translate it into Arabic .
thank you Dr. Al Mansoury .
regards & best wishes .

Samir Abdrabu

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