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Hitch your wagon to a star

The Iranian carpet and other worries a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

It was the Iranian carpet and other worries

Like Iranian expensive carpet, it was the mustard bomb used for wiping out sons and daughters of Iraq.

Or like the plant grows in the rock, but the pollen produces allergies.

Or like the deviation of sea that pours out water with tones of fishes left out to die in the beaches after the great tsunami. Or  like the thunder during the rain time that rambles with storms accompanied by violent winds.

The Masters do not give  yet  any thing  new except the siege of cities and killing humans.

It like the mistake committed by Chemical Ali, who carelessly murdered the Kurds using the mustard bomb. Is there any doubt in miracles and the wrath of the day or the night?

Here and there, falling shells and vultures of the skies filled with anger; they are ordered by angry presidents to fly and defecate on innocent citizens. 

The war has shown ruthlessness of extermination of the people of the two countries. Persia and Babylon, the lands divided by the two rivers of Tigris and Euphrates. Where is the history of the land?

So why Balkis and Arwa suffer from the  dreams of self destruction of Saif bin Dhi Yazan , and others that bring worries to the region? Who is the super power of the region? Is it the oil money that make them egoistic? 

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