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The Longing mountains a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

The Longing mountains

The Longing mountains have cool nights, hot and humid days throughout the seasons of the year.

In satisfaction, the invocation of all flora and fauna are the glories of these Longing mountains.

In disbelief, all the flora and fauna act in moderation.

The Longing mountains quench soreness of the seasons by the snow and sand dunes that occur at the foot of their ranges.

Rivers of longing and valleys are the vulgarities of this natural phenomena.

When tragedy strikes, its  all about creating the awareness of  Madaya, Zabadani , Taiz and the summits  of the mountains.

The water running from these Longing mountains wage wars by their turbulence.

When cows and bulls become crazy, their craziness may turn into madness of people. So, does any Longing mountain contain all the emotions of all living creatures? What's the Longing mountains of your life?

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