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The Messiah of Gentiles or Out-of-Body Experiences By M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

“Sometimes angels and other unseen powers come and go to order, inspire and whisper to creators to do easy things and things that are complex.” It is said by Y to X.

In one day of Sussex,
the labour suddenly comes to the future mother, the lady Chantelle, after she was fertilized by the handsome baby Alfie Pattern, who was developed by the British like the cartridge Nonex.
Alfred became Alfie, the simplex
Margaret became Maisie, and this phenomena spread like the carex,
the mother Chantelle, the rocky land and singer became like a spandex and subindex.

They did the straight sex,
and had the great newcomer as anew affix.
They were smarter and not sinners like Adam and Eve, who were mixed and confused about the tree of knowledge, of good and evil, and the tree of life, this was the greatest sin written in the triplex.
The public and official opinions were in vex,
divided into unsex, pro and anti homosex,
some wish the happiness for unisex,
some others asked who taught Alfie the use of the vertex,
and how did he know about the thing that looks like murex?

The Semitics of September 11 and the murders of Palestine’s kids accused Eve of showing Adam the narthex,
how to pray to holy matrix,
by pointing with pollex to insert the scolex,
they want to put a stigma on the New Messiah of Gentiles, and they would like to punish him as the usually do with the X.

More than these questions and accusations, which were given by not all people of Sussex and Essex,
but by the residents of all space e.g. seas, oceans, and the dry cortex.

Yet the evidence is already registered in the saved panel and transmitted not only via the videotex,
James Henery, the prophet who preached in his scripture , which is entitled ‘‘What Maisie Knew?’’ about Alfie the Messiah of the gentiles, who is going to dig the X,
and advanced not only Adam, the sinrocent*, but also Sigmund Freud, the interpreter of Oedipus Complex,
and these whom are busy searching and focusing on women’s box,
to use them for temptation the leaders such as the player of the musical instrument, created by Adolphe Sax.

God help the new messiah and all children of the world by not only the Presbyterian Knox,
but give them countless of wisdom, star and bucks,
and put over their heads your light and your circumflex.

Sinrocent: An infix which is made of the word sinner and the word innocent

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