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Hitch your wagon to a star

The Mosaics of Love a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.


I will tell you that I love you.

He has long patience and increased arrogance.

The sun shone and the sky rained.

The lights of stars and the moon illuminate the dark sky.

My love is like fire and sparks fire.

The universe stretched like the horizon of savannah green grass and the woods.

It’s the wild of love and the tranquility it brings for conciliatory hearts. It’s the blissful puzzle…

The butterflies grew in the fields of coffee and grapes sacking the saps from the flowers of the crops. It’s how juicy love is all about.

Condensation of water vapor and fog increased to define the emotions of love.

My son and my love voices are heard like the chirping birds in the morning.

The absence shall increase the suffering and the wounds will increase. This is the definition of the psychological paths where love leads.

I love you in the evening and in the morning. Those are the mosaics of love.


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