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The President's Escape a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.



Who was that President that escaped a coup? 

Who was that President that escaped from custody?

Why did he escape and left the Khat conferences and markets?

Where did the spiders that attacked the presidency come from?

The Houthies? Who are these Houthies?

They bombed to kill women and children, and destroyed the palace, but restaurants and the bakeries stop serving people or smoldering through chimneys.

The President escaped through the flanges of Eden and to Saudi Arabia. 

Then the citizens left carrying Kalashnikovs and rocket propelled bombs, and led by tanks or dodge bullets.

The President escaped carrying an olive branch seeking for peace, but who could hear him?

Then the President attempted to return to Sana’a, but faced resistance from the Houthies.

The President attempted to return after the military structure had crumbled.

The President attempted to return with the Gulf keys in his hand and pearls of  Kuwait, but resolved for Saudi Arabia.

When shall the President return to his position and who shall welcome him  in the presidential palace after the bombing raids from the coalition campaign?

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