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The Quatrains of Rooster and the Empires : Part 1. The Cloned Rooster and Rodents' Empire Written by M.T.Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

INTRODUCTION: The Rooster and the Empires, the quatrains of short stories, where the cloned rooster represents the truth, prophet, the Lord and morality, and the mouse symbolizes the corruptions, prostitutions, cunning, mockery, conspiracy, vices and the intelligence services.

The Empire of the Animated and Replicated of the Cows tells us about the agencies of intelligence and their agents whose responsibility is to extend and spread the system and civilization. These agents also work with negative sides to harm and damage the people and environment, and their aims are only to realize their own interests. These agents are also involved in crimes.
The cow represents a spectrum of many things e.g., Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, British; laughing and mad; as well as the systems in both good and bad attitudes and beliefs.

The Empire of Nationalizing Rights and Wealth clarifies and identifies the types of nationalizations through the ages by wealth, civil rights, or combinations of both. The nationalization of the rights and wealth is implemented by the Islamic, capitalist, socialist systems of the Third World or combinations of alls.

Both the quatrains of M.T. Al-Mansouri and the Empires are real stories, not merely inherited from the author’s ancestors. However, the author has lived the circumstances of these stories and has fought against the forces of the evil to devastate their empire.

The universal methaphors, as well as the analogical expressions, were used to describe the circles and mosaics of the International Secret Intelligence Service. On one hand, the author used his experiences his skills and his delving in the secret and dangerous channels. On the other hand, he used his scientific brain and education to analyze the forces of the evils. This is why some Canadians and Americans writers or specialists categorize the stories of M.T. Al-Mansouri Ph.D., as a science fictional.

The Empire of Nationalizing Wealth and Rights explains and interprets the nationalization of civil rights as well as that of material wealth. The process of nationalization began by the colonization of Palestine, Suez Canal and the port of Aden.

This process does not grant public and private freedoms, however, the nationalization continues to the present day. This process is an international cooperation in the committing crimes and the censoring the crimes of other countries. We see the circumstances as one image despite the fact that there are many different characteristics in the Port of Aden, Dubai or Saudi Arabia and Sana’a and so on.

Finally, when you read the Murder Empire you will see many embarrassing things. This story explains how dead people occur in our daily life activities, and share with us the business, privileges, and competition of the ministries and the courts. Moreover, these dead people are participating in the democratic process and representation, and also have the burden of accountability.

Part one: The Cloned Rooster and Rodents' Empire

One Spring's day in Ottawa the diplomatic lines represented by the Empire of rodents, Reptiles, Insects and Inhuman Hands decided to attack the rooster's Empire in order to capture them and to clone their spirit or direct them for their own goals or complicity to their crimes.

The Roosters representative was redeemed for the human laws and rules and ready to further challenges, so the human angel rooster cloned the rooster bird, which was brought by him from the farm into a rooster angel.

After arriving from the rural area to Ottawa city the rooster bird was saved in the sack, then the rooster human prepared nice, beautiful and comfortable container for him, and learned many things by the trial and error.

After that he called the messenger of the rodents to come and take the rooster bird to the representative of the Empire of Evil to examine him, his humanity and to make his family members happy by cloning the sprit of the rooster angels to their soul and spirit, yet the representative of their Empire became angry and threw the rooster bird and the gifts into the street.

Then his messenger took the rooster bird to his house trying to kill him and to eat his meat, but he was worried about being punished by the law of the King of the Forest. Hence, he decided to keep him several days in his house.

After that the Empire of Rodents' used the family ties of the rooster human to transfer their ideas of killing and murder the families by themselves and by the others.
After preparing the rooster bird to be a member of the garden zoo, the rooster bird got his rights to life though not freely as in the farm. Then the fights around the roosters were started strongly by using all the national and international seen and non-seen social powers.

The teachers gave a lot of lectures and anecdotes to support the rooster ideas and ideology, and the rooster struggled to define his ideas and human being ideology of morality, and also objected to their inhuman plans and purposes and started caroling loudly and enthusiastically " We are the roosters, we are the Roosters' Empire, and we guide you and do not hurt you. We are the roosters, we are the Roosters' Empire, and we guide you and do not hurt you. We are the angels and have a nice and beautiful bill, feature and voice. And you are the rodents with ugly and naked long tail and also with injured teeth and small rounded ears. We have our ideology and consciousness, and you have another ideology and consciousness".

After that the members of the zoo sang on the tongue of the rooster's representative " The Rat and what do you know about the rat? The ratty uncle bites you in the night and hurts you in the morning".

In conclusions, the Rooster human became cloned into a camel, a great patient man and a prophet, and the rooster birds and humane are still in the garden, farms and the battles with the others and with themselves, and waking up the flock in the cockcrow saying " Cook-a-doodle-doo, Cook-a-doodle-doo, Cook-a-doodle-doo ".

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