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The Quatrains of Rooster and the Empires : Part 2. The Empire of the Animated and Replicated of the Cows Written by M.T.Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

INTRODUCTION: The Empire of the Animated and Replicated of the Cows tells us about the agencies of intelligence and their agents whose responsibility is to extend and spread the system and civilization. These agents also work with negative sides to harm and damage the people and environment, and their aims are only to realize their own interests. These agents are also involved in crimes.The cow represents a spectrum of many things e.g., Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, British; laughing and mad; as well as the systems in both good and bad attitudes and beliefs.

Part two. The Empire of the Animated and Replicated of the Cows

One Winter's day of Ottawa the Replicated and Animated Empire of Cows groups with hypocritical companies associated, and decided to attack the Rooster's Empire. The rooster leader assimilated their plans, tactics and strategies, and knew that there were confrontations and conflicts among them due to their variety of goals, beliefs, attitudes and mythologies.

The first plan was the establishment overseas of a new state for the Empire of Rooster, Cows and Hypocriticals. Even though they bargained the rooster for a head of the Kingdom, and gave him a financial bribe. He disagreed with them and faced up their plans, conspiracies, and he accepted only their plan as support help for them, their minorities or majorities. By that the rooster won the battle.

Additionally, the rooster leader and his empire never trusted the hypocriticals owing to their distrust for national and international laws of the Forest. The Rooster's Empire directed the battle to eliminate the violence, terrorism, illegal drugs and their distribution, discrimination and crimes.

Several months later the Empire of cows and hypocriticals used another camouflage and started aggressively attacking the Rooster's Empire by using usual and unusual powers of evils and devils such as magic, cozenage, delusion, depredation, hoodlum, trial, murder, retaliation, mendacity, humbug, filibuster, demonology, bed's death an shot-gun.

In spite of that, the Rooster Empire won the battle. As a result of Rooster's Empire victory, the Empire of Cows considered the Rooster's Empire strength and decided to separate from the companies of hypocrticals and started fighting together with the Rooster Empire against the modern bondage, poverty, and supporting the concept of the environment, beautification and morality. Lastly the Rooster's and Cow's Empire faced the hypocriticals and other enemies such as the Rodents' and Reptiles Empires.

In the final battle the hypocriticals used vulgarity and reviled speech, and they tried to break the system of the universe by using the Biological War Fare. But they failed, and all of their empire's members and friends were caught and delivered away from the Roosters' and Cows' Empire.
At the end the Roosters' and Cows' Empires declared the New Supported Imaginary Kingdom of Rooster and Hoopoe for the hypocrticals, after they had been many years cursed, misguided and lost in the World of their conspiracy.

In conclusions, The Union of Roosters and Cows created a New Trends of Press, and Arts to enlighten the World of the Forest, and started singing melodiously saying " caution the World has to be careful of the hypocriticals, their plans and integrations. Let us live with love, solidarity and peace. Let us live without gesture, fabrication and transferring the illness. Let us live freely and equally. Let us fertilize the planets not demolish them. Let us live with love, solidarity and peace".

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