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Hitch your wagon to a star

The Rosebuds in the field of my mother a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.














My mother’s tree; my mother’s field and inflorescence are unique.

My mother’s field is located near our old house, which includes green pasture with their thorny shrubs with colourful flowers.

My mother’s field is both a nice and a sad melody. Its music reflects on the rainbow and  the resemblance of Jupiter’s rings.

My mother’s field is an inflorescence of mosaic flowers drawn in the Romans and Greek Catholics basilica and cathedrals, and situated near the blarney stone in the Irish Cathedrals.

My mother’s field  is a poem of paganism era .

My mother’s field is a Palestinian poem that the memory could not omit. It’s drawn on the leaves of both olives and lemon trees.

My mother fields are a Sinbad and Pinocchio adventuress, and the myth of aborigines of America.

My mother’s field is a bamboo tree, which is baptized by both points of dews and the rains.

My mother’s field is full of rosebuds, flowers, sorghum and ray.

The rosebuds in my mother’s field are the sun x- rays and the lights of moon and stars.

The rosebuds in my mother’s field are the period of thoughts and madness.




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