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Hitch your wagon to a star

The Sea of Sand a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

Sand of the sea and the magic of the earth to describe the moon.
Sails of the Nile and the smoke that rise from afar, casting their wildest sand storms, is the Sahara or Arabian deserts.
The sun is related to the rainbow and rain, as is the wind associated with the desert sand.
Adventure of Sinbad is the memoir of Aladdin the Minister who recognizes the sand.
Plants, water and fragrances of roses along the sea of sand camouflage the terrain.
The sky and the universe ignore what the sea of the sand mean.
The coast of Cuba with its breaks of the barriers created by human beings is hidden secrets in the sea of sand at the beaches.
Migratory birds love the sea of sand for their seasonal vacations from the northern winters and southern winters.
Who faces trials and who are the defendants of the unjust verdicts at the sea of sand?
Baptism is between the law and the rule of destiny, but the sea of sand does not know the rules.
The sea of sand rules the depths of the oceans and seas.
What a wonderful creation from the creator!

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