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The Seven Wonders of the Modern Worships, Chapter 1. The House by M.T.Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

Short stories: Worship
by Mohamed Tawfik Al-Mansouri
Shot stories: Science Fiction
Genre: Short stories
Format: Political and Religious Crimes
Sataire: Politics

Title: The Seven Wonders of the Modern Worships

Chapter 1. The House

In his house, religious ceremonies are conducted secretly and in an open and close manner in all directions. As for me, I was an innocent worshipper of God with sincere love and consciousness.

When I entered his house, the stocky sergeant imam mobilized all his magical powers and kicked me twice in the stomach and once in my testicles. I fell down to the ground in agony like two martyrs.

Then, he threatened me that he was going to close down two important ministries. I answered," Do not fear God, the creator of earth, sky, heaven and hell". He said, " We are only the criminals and torturers. We kill the happiness in the eyes of fathers and mothers".

I replied, " I want to see children play and be happy". He became arrogant and stabbed me twice. I screamed once and then again I tried to stand on my tired feet. I fell down with agony like Al-Hassan and Al-Hussein proclaiming the end of tyrants in a day or two. At night, he threatened to break my chest bones.

I told him that I favour spiritually expanding attitude (breast, heart, chest and mind), which implies perfecting the faculties of reasoning, feeling and understanding for receiving knowledge and making best use of it.

He recited from his scripture " We will break your chest bones, back bones, spit on you to humiliate you, and we will shake and compress you to obey us. If you obey us, you will reside the kingdom's valley, be a king and our dear friend. However, if you disobey us, you will be lost for a long time. That is my importance.

I give it to whom I wish and I take it away from whom I wish. I lower the noble and I raise the low and the sinner".

Then he got the order to sell his family, his conscience and his best friends as well as his partner, the son of the loyal and magnifique brother. Glory be to God in the mornings and in the evenings.

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