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The Seven Wonders of the Modern Worships, Chapter 3. The Grocery Store by M.T.Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

On the road to my home I saw our next master immam returning from the slaughterhouse, where he slaughtered sheep, camels and oxen. Then, in his grocery store he sold the goat meat to shake our bones and teeth.

Then he prayed saying: " Except of my Qahtani and Adnani being, oh of our identity and entity. I am mute just to protect my tongue.'' But sometimes I sang: " Long live my country with anguish and dedication.

Look in my incense burner, there is gum, spice and fragrances. I inherited this trade from my grandparents, who brought it from Iand and Sindh on their camels' backs."

That's what he sang with pride in the valley. The guide and others heard and repeated after him. Then they asked him: " When are you going to open your shop, our uncle and neighbour, Numan? When will we smell the incenses that make our heads spin , make us walk around at night like wretched slaves, and dance with our friends as well as make the sad ones happy and worship the merciful !"

But he did not answer. He gave him one recipe after another. He spoke to him about the benefits of eating bread and honey to remove the smell of the garlic and onion. Then he warned him about laziness. That's when the eclipse of the sun and the moon occurred.

Then, the customers came and made some promises that they did not keep. That's when the lightening struck but the rain did not come. Unfortunately, they borrowed money without acknowledgments, bombarded the area and ran away. They kneaded over their first knead, and then they disagreed with each other and diverted from the truth.

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