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Hitch your wagon to a star

The Seven Wonders of the Modern Worships, Chapter 6.The River by M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

Then, I could not ratify, hence; I went to the river and on its bank I stood in contemplation about the universe. However; The Nile's Mermaid confused me and sent me into a coma on the banks of the river. She put me into the dilemma of poverty, and then she cut me into small pieces. She novelized for me the story of people overworked with an axe. That gave me a headache. She promised me a mythical journey on a bird covered with silk and braids. That made me dance with happiness and sing. The Mermaid then extracted my soul and put it back.

Oh Nile, I have friends and companions of poetry and science. Oh Nile, I am fond of your breeze and your surroundings. Even the birds become jealous and frighten me with their dances.

Oh Nile, with your water and purity will the soul and blood that shakes my feelings and being.

Oh Nile, in your shadows sleep thousands of tribes and from your fresh air, they smell the perfume and wear the silk and wool. Oh Nile, you are loyal, generous and good, which the poor look for to survive from the hunger and warm climate. Oh Nile, give us more from your blooming and braids.

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