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Hitch your wagon to a star

The Sun and Stars a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri , Ph.D.

The Sun and stars are in a universal villages in their orbital fields.

Every Star has a conversative character on how they twinkle.

What is the difference between  angels and Virgins? Are they stars in their uniquness?

Farmers plow and reap harvests.Do they relate to the sun and stars for directions or seasons?

Delusions are perspectives of loss in minds. Do they relate to the sun or stars?

The sun and stars define mountain heights at their horizon.

The fate of the red Indians depended upon buffalos. Were they the stars of their generations?

Insects and flowers are related by plants. Are they stars of their own circumstances?

The Sun and stars in our cities shed light in the absence of electricity.

Kings and queens of bees eat nector as honey, but the wax is melted away by sun heat.

Dates from palm trees are so sweet because of the bright desert sun light.

Shrubs and supplings of cloves survive because of the sun light.

Diabetis can be cured by intense sun heat and drink of ginger tea.
The sun and stars help nature discover itself.

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