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The Turkish Series that Angers Israel Gov. -Turkish Series -Ayrılık

TRT's new series "Ayrılık", gathered a strong reaction in Israel. A critical news about the television series widely took part in the evening news. Directory is to be published in this TRT Israel commented:

The first part of the series yesterday after running in the evening newspaper Yedioth Ahranot Hebrew news site Ynet, an extensive series of articles published about it, Israel's index arising from the release of "trauma" from experience, he said.
Channel 2 television in Israel and the Jewish hatred of the directory aimed at establishing "a series of provocative," he claimed. Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, the newly appointed Ambassador of Turkey to the Foreign Affairs Ministry called in the shortest straw, and they would like explanations are specified, Ynet, Lieberman Ambassador to Turkey Embassy officials who stand in the series of protest related to calling for the ministry acknowledged that the instructions were given.

"Türkiye'nin devlet Televizyonu TRT 1, bu hafta Gazze'deki Dökme Kurşun operasyonu sırasında geçen olayları anlatan bir diziyi yayına soktu" diyen Ynet, dizide İsrail ordusu askerlerinin, "çocukların üzerine bilinçli olarak ateş eden, Gazzeliler'i idam mangalarının önüne diken, sivillere ateş eden kana susamış askerler" olarak gösterildiğine işaret etti..

Ynet, the directory section of the published link to YouTube, and news pictures to the library.

The Israeli Foreign Minister Lieberman Ynet'e "This is a serious provocation and has been done with government support. Such a directory full of provocation and hatred between countries, even the enemy think that running is not true." said. Lieberman, directory "100 percent full diplomatic relations with Israel in Turkey, which is also very manidar run and sad" was considered.

CHANNEL 2: "Israel and to hatred of Jews PLANTS FOR ET"

Television series about a story critical of Israel's leading TV channels in Channel 2's evening news as he took part in a wide range.

Channel 2 Television, TRT's have made the "Ayrılık" directory called "state television" to be published in attention was the highest degree of provocation and that the material contains suggested that contrary to facts.

Channel 2, array, "provocation aimed at Israel and establish Jewish hatred" has described it as.

Series of pieces from the ******** given in the series of Channel 2 news about Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman'a of the opinions and Lieberman asked, as soon as possible, be appointed Turkey's new Ambassador to Tel Aviv about the series will be invited to provide explanations specified said.
Channel 2 of Israeli soldiers, "bloodthirsty soldiers killing innocent civilians," as underlined in observance whether the directory is published in the TRT to being "very manidar" that were expressed. Channel 2 of the directory, "the darkness of countries like Syria that is equivalent to broadcast provocative and Jewish enemy" was suggested.

Channel 2 also, the directory is published in an institution such as the TRT is that the only way, it also "above" may be the emphasis has been done with one instruction.

The statement "Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman of the directory that contains a very serious and that the drive said it was done under state control" was said.
In this clip Israeli soldier takes aim at a smiling young girl and kills her.

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