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Hitch your wagon to a star

The Universe and the Britannia Park of Canada a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

The Universe and the Britannia Park of Canada

Colourful, emergent and emissive icons of the universe are awesome!

The swim across and transfer into rivers, oceans and continents of mankind and his heart.

They are reflected via the Lord and not only through the mirror of the universe; but also via the creators of mortal universe.

Boots are resident by a resistant creators that fights against winds, waves, creators and gravitation of the earth.

Colourful, emergent boats.

Flying kites of mankind

They fly and flip in the universe.

Flying kites and boats.

They dream and flying in the sky.

The move either by the hands of innocents children or by the hidden hands of unknown creators.

They fly and swim in the universe.

They resist winds, gravitation, but also mankind, angel, hidden creatures and devils.

Arrows and human arms as well as gulls are related when pointing at object.

They fly and swim; they land their flies, take off and produce sounds similar to angels and devils.

Hallelujah for angels, destruction for devils.

They are flying again and again, and making sounds similar to both human voices and naughty devils.

Britannia Park has waves that are moving, emerging, dreaming and slowing down. Waves, that create innocent voices, and strong voices, which speak and roar with creator’s glory and the splendid universe.

Britannia Park creates happiness and heals mankind’s psychic overwhelmingly and; destroys the thoughts of enemies of human harmonious living.

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