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The Windsor International Air Show August 21 &22, 2010

Windsor Life Magazine Article About The Air Show

What IS An Air Show?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010: With tens of millions of spectators attending air shows each year, the air show industry represents one of the very largest, if not the largest, outdoor professional sports in North America. And it’s no wonder, as the shows themselves deliver entertainment value at a modest cost for families the likes of which can’t be found anywhere else, at any price.

From supersonic-speed military jets to gravity-defying aerobatic acts to a host of on-the-ground displays and activities, a day at an air show yields memories that truly last a lifetime. Indeed, air shows have become anchor events within the calendars of local communities coast to coast.
Air shows are flying museums with the vintage aircraft and are also a look into the technological aspect that many of the fast movers have become today.

As we go around and prepare of the show I am absolutely astounded that people in general do not know that you can actually sit inside some of these aircraft at any air show. I've spoken with spectators who have sat on the outside watching in telling me how great it was. Not so.
By watching from the outside you lose the perspective on the aircraft. Any airport has aircraft that fly overhead, even military jets.
In order to feel and actually experience the heart pounding thrust or the goosebumps, you have to be on the field.

The aircraft are a wonder, however they can't do much without a person in the seat. The pilot can manoeuvre the aircraft in certain ways that make your hair stand on end and make you gaze like a kid again at how they can possibly do what they do.
The Noise.
The Smell.
The Feel.
Not to mention a narrator that takes you back into history and teaches about the aircraft, not just how pretty it looks when it blows by the crowd followed by the shattering blast as it leaves your sight.
The slower aircraft tell us stories from days gone by and how the Veterans paved the way for our current lifestyle.
Ever wonder how much horsepower is actually in the engines?
How much fuel it burns?
Can that helicopter really lift a house?
Don't forget the stories. Lots of stories.
So by coming onto the field you also get knowledge and a sense of excitement. the excitement that comes from learning something new or just by the raw static energy in the air.
More value, more space, more to see and do.
The biggest and most challenging show in Essex County.period.
390 Volunteers
60 aircraft
Bounce Castles
They all ad up to a lot of fun.
Spread the word.

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