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Hitch your wagon to a star

When the rocks pronounce a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

When the rocks  pronounce... and when the rocks  pronounce! What messages are conveyed?
When the rocks pronounce, incense is burned in mosques , churches,  synagogues, temples and houses of various cultures.
When the incense burns, the sun shines, the moon smiles with happy face and stars twinkle. Moreover flowers dance, sing and rejoice in life or on the tombs.
When the sun shines, readers studying the galaxies. Choirs sing and the conductor speaks. They sing all that is included in the Torah, the Psalms, and Zabur.  The moon migrates in its phases and the birds sing and chirp days and nights.
When the moon sets, thieves, wolves and eagles are attacking their preys.

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