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Where is my Child- Son killed and body not buried.

 A Jordanian woman -married to a Hadrami man- in Yemen claims her son was killed and his body kept by Central Security Forces who shot him. She was asked to accuse Al-Ahmar supporters of shooting him where she denied doing that. After 10 days of refusing to "cooperate" with the security forces, the body of her child was still kept in a fridge.

Video Translation:
My name is Nisreen Ahmad Hussien Ali Al-Khaledi, I’m 25 years old married to a Hadrami, I have two sons, Omar and Ahmad. We were going out of the house, I was the one driving, I had two female friends with me and my sons heading to Al-Jomhori Hospital because my son only had a fever and a sore throat. We went towards Kentucky round, it was a small turn, I wasn’t speeding and there are no reasons to shoot, but we were directly shot. I told the people in the car to put their heads down, we laid down to the point that we crashed into something. I raised my hand telling them, we’re a family and they were still shooting, I opened the door and then they stopped. They came towards me and I told them to hospitalize my son, they said.. I said why are you shooting us? What’s the reasons for you to shoot us? They said we did not shoot; it was Sheikh Al-Ahmar supporters who shot you. It was central Security. 
From 1:00pm to 1:30pm, half an hour, my son was bleeding and they did not hospitalize him. They said, “Say it was Al-Ahmar Supporters and we will hospitalize him” I said I won’t say except that central security were the ones who shot. After I took the central security guard’s weapon, and aimed it directly and said, you either hospitalize my son or I will shoot you instead of him. He then had to take my son, but it wasn’t him who hospitalized my son, he put him in a taxi car, and they searched us all, me and my friends and my son and the car. I got to the hospital and they said, your son is in the operation room, and of course my son is already in the fridge because he had been bleeding for half an hour, he had three shots in his stomach and one in his shoulder. I’m wondering, why are they shooting without any reason? Why was my son killed without any reason? I’m demanding.. my son.. even in the fridge, I don’t think there is a body, we didn’t bury him, it’s been 10 days since last Monday until today and we demand to bury him and that’s all. I received a call from a private number, asking me to deny during the investigation in Nasr Police Station that I said Central Security were the ones that shot us. I saw death, I’m not scared of death, I will not deny and say that Al-Ahmar supporters did it, I didn’t see Al-Ahmar supporters, I saw central security aiming at us directly; they left my son bleeding for 30 minutes until he died, then brought us a taxi. 
I ask King Abdullah to help us, and I also ask the Yemeni people to stand by me because I am a mother of a martyr without knowing the reasons.
My dad and mom came from Dubai the third day, his dad and his uncles came the second day directly from Saudi. All we asked for is to bury him and it was normal, but also for the body to disappear, I will not stay quiet.
Father Speaks:
A child in the fridge, since last Monday, June 7th until now, June 14th, where is childhood? Childhood care? Where is the government? I direct my message, if the internal government, the Yemeni government does not give me equality, I demand international equality from America and Saudi Arabia because I live there. Because it knows Allah’s limits and Islam, and knows that this thing is not accepted by Allah the Almighty. 
 Message to Hadi: To give care to this situation and to realize and care for the hearts of the mothers, and to bury the child. If there is a right, we will demand it to know what the case is, what this story is, what happened and why it happened to the martyrs’ mother. We don’t know anything, the child is in the fridge and we’re not doing anything nor are we working or anything and trying to get an answer.

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