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Hitch your wagon to a star

Writing with gold water a poem by M.T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

Writing with gold water

I wrote your name with golden water pen.

It is the sign of victory that was won at the vineyard of grapes.

It was from where the legend of Abu Lahab and his wife who carries firewood is remembered.

I also wrote your name on the oak tree leaves, but I was upset by homosexuals from the generation of Lot.

Moreover, the Pharaoh's civilization was translated and the arts of sculpture for embalming was preserved.

In your streets, you know that ants are related to anthills, bees to flowers and humans relationships among humans, animals and natural resources.

Losing power and avoiding danger are the norms of authoritative governments. it’s like the danger of eclipse of the sun and lunar eclipse. Therefore, who does come and those who go out of power is likened to the two eclipse.

Finally I wrote your name on the olive leaves. It was to bring peace, as a result of those who died from a hemorrhages of power struggles and those injured by gun shots during street demonstrations. Those who assume power with increased suspicion become brutal. In addition, the walls of their madness become shattered and irrelevant.


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