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By M.T.Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.


Canada and the United States of America are the promised lands for many immigrants due to the acceptance of innovations, ideas and missions, the specific dynamics of the lands and the tolerance of inhabitants and their ability to accept others to live with them equally, and the system, which gives many facilities.

I am SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik Abdulhamid Salam Saeed Salih Abdula Shalab, the son of Abdulhamid and the martyr Nooria Al-Mansouri Al-Sourorri Owai’s Saeed Ahmed; an immigrant, who came to Canada a few months before September 11, 2001, carrying lots of surprising things, among them the renovation mission, which I had since I was child, and which makes me aware and remained detached from the devils. On the other hand, Canada and America are full of obstacles, even though they are the lands of adventure.

I worked as a consultant for the Canadian Federal Government in the National and International Strategic Affairs for Her Majesty; Queen Elizabeth II, having recognized my valuable work whereby I gained many skills and much knowledge. Therefore, the government of Canada decided to establish the family tree of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri with cooperation of the following governments: United States of America, United Kingdom, State of Kuwait and the World. At the beginning they asked for a genealogy study for both the families.

The origin of both the families is the Arabian Desert, which is located among the Saudi Arabia Kingdom, Sultanate of Oman and the Arabia Flex. After that they wandered to mountainous and coastal areas, and the main groups of the family have been living in two different small villages close to each other called Al-Kadara and Al-Ashab, district of Qadas, province of Al-Mawasit, region of Al-Hojaria, and are located one hundred and one hundred and fifty kilometres from the city of Aden and Taiz, respectively.

Both the rural areas are in the Arabian Peninsula, the Former Federation of Southern Arabia. Recently, Republic of Yemen, the predicted imaginary supported name is The Great United Kingdom of Rooster and Hoopoe.

The family of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri are famous due to their charity, which they offered to others in the form of lands, dams, etc. and also for their activities in agriculture, business, sport, culture and politics. Documents 1-4 show the locations of the mansions. The family background history and heritage is both Arabian and British. Additionally, document 1, which is a certificate, shows the elementary school completed by SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik Ph.D. Moreover, the document shows the date that determined the time of the revolution against the corruption, which resulted in terrorism, and to return to the aims of the correction’s revolution of the Assassinated Former President of Yemen, General Abrahim Al-Hamdi.


The genealogy of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri family tree groups is designed to study, analyze and control the: (a) National and International Integrated Security System, their impact and interactions after September 11, 2001,
(b) Genealogy of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri family tree groups economically, politically and socially,
(c) Improving methods of social and psychological sciences,
(d) Case of assassination of the martyr Nooria Al-Mansouri Al-Sourorri and the several attempted assassinations of her son SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik Ph. D,
(e) Case of nationalizing the houses and wealth and damaging their business, (f) Multicultural, social power, their impacts and interactions. Figure 1 illustrates the factors of the studies and their interactions,
(g) Recognizing of a new trend of arts founded by SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik Ph.D entitled “ Canadian Art School of Rooster and Hoopoe”. Figure 2 shows the imaginary form of the Devil and Cloning Spirit and the Rooster.


The genealogy study of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri family tree groups is based upon the interviews, investigations of the family members, relatives, neighbours friends, antagonists, residents of the area where they have been living, their widely ties, relationships in the country and abroad and wealth related to them.

The local and international social powers and specialist collected the resources of the study. Social, psychological and psychiatric, and genetic engineering were analyzed and investigated too.

The study were also under the variety of conventional and unconventional events and circumstances, among them are the a. Traditional: characterized by using the negative power and authority directed by spirits of the devils and other unknown creators,
b. Visual and audiovisual: delineated by using the images of criminals, leaders and criminal leaders and dead people,
c. Artificial: chronicled by cloning the spirit of known and unknown people with different characters, beliefs and attitudes, d. Psychological: Methods and styles of terror rooted to the human being heritages, e. Multiresurrectional: designated by all religious establishments and institutions and schools of sciences and philosophies,
f. Hypothetical: based on the prejudgments and confrontations legends such as Hitler and the son of the God. On the other hand, the dreams of the Christ and other greatest of the World.


SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik Ph.D is the consultant for the Federal Canadian Government in Her Majesty; Queen Elizabeth II, in the National and International Strategic Affairs. His activities and ideas were directed to the:
(A) Department of Foreign Affairs and International Business Trade:
1. Consultant for the Gulf and Middle East after September 11, 2001,
2. Creator of the Complete Programme to develop the economic, political and security system of the Republic of Yemen and the Yemeni refugees abroad,
3. Consultant for export, import and investment companies for marketing promotions,
4. Prevent loopholes in the immigration law.
(B) Interior Affairs: Consultant for terrorism, homeless, alcoholic, discrimination, illegal drugs, environment, and beautification, image of Canada, press and bilingualism.
(C) Other bodies of government and non-government:
1. Owner of scientific idea in the NORTEL COMPANY,
2. Founder of new trend of Canadian Arts entitled “ The Rooster and the Hoopoe”, and the creator of the new image of the devil and Cloning Spirit and the Rooster,
3. The owner of stolen copyrights of the two science fiction stories of the two American films entitled The RAT, and The Devil,
4. Advocate for human and animal rights, Green Peace and Amnesty International for children’s rights, equality of feminism and masculine, minorities and their influences on the human being relationships.


During the genealogy study of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri family tree groups, and working for the Canadian Federal Government, there were many hindrances and influences among them are the:
a) Financial bribe by the official representatives of their regime to cheer them their corruption, hypocrisy, inhumane crimes,
b) Bargain of His Honourable SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik to be the head of the State.

He objected to their plans due to their distrust for the country and the mankind relationships. Hence, the shot-gun and deaths-beds, magical and other political turbulence were intensively offered. Figure 3 illustrates the new aspects of the marriages and families as one of their styles to achieve their purposes.


Conventional and unconventional conditions and variety of this study were unique and complicated owing to the security channels, shadows and resources of directed and undirected information. Moreover, the unknown purpose of the workers, their paradoxes and confrontations are among them.

The study shows that the environments of religious establishments and some organs of the governments can be easily involved to the trials, incidents and working individually irrespective to the constitution and the international laws. Additionally, they can cover or engage in terrorism.

Multiresurrections become a subject of competition among the religious establishments, workers and supervisors due to their corrupted and hypocritical environments, and methods used such as gestures, psychological influences, vulgarism and illusions.

The links of the integrated security systems have ability to cheer the crimes or to cover them because of the lack of understanding and analyzing the information. Moreover, they have tendency to build mechanisms for their minorities or majorities far away from the constitution.

The study of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri family tree genealogy groups is not indubitable for the Canadian and international integrated security systems, and any tiny trust could be a trap for new catastrophes.


After the great efforts and contemplations on the genealogy studies of families, the rebirth of SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik, and the multireserrections and incarnations of both the families, he renounces his former citizenship and prefers to be a monocitizenship in order to serve Canada loyally and without the influences of the dual citizenship.

In conclusions, the families of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri are taken by the Canadian and international organizations as the symbol of tolerance and selected to be the model of the family that have been integrated peacefully with the world heritages and cultures.

Finally, the genealogy study of the families found that the regime of their country governs and manages the country with randomness, gesture, magic, cozenage, delusion, depredation, hoodlum, trial, murder, retaliation, mendacity, humbug, hoodoo, filibuster and demonology. Moreover, they corrupt people by jumping the market by illegal drugs and alcohols, encourage them to distribute those illegal drugs to other countries and also psych them up by involving them with illegal political, social and business activities. Those dangerous phenomenons become the camouflage of the regime for asking international supports, and to escape from the true reorganization the country.

The family genealogy study of both the families is terminated generally by promising them by the governments of the World and by the family supporters particularly to:
a. Govern the country, reorganize the village where the martyr Nooria was killed and build mosque and stadium in the name of the martyr Nooria and her husband Abdulhamid,
b. Keep the heritage of the family and collect it from all over the World,
c. Reorganize the country, write the life story of SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik and his family and produce it into a film and a television serial,
d. Take the picture of the martyr Nooria, her husband Abdulhamid and son SIR Al-Mansouri Mohamed Tawfik as a symbol for some of the religious establishments.


Replacement of family relatives and friends, or playing their role and authority by the social power and integrated security systems is impossible. It should be banned due to the age of the person. It explains their disability to create methods of wisdom, lack of understanding the law of rights and responsibilities, and also their use for the gaps in the law, and the negative use for the tools, equipment of the security police and the authorities of God for their goals.

It is necessary to ban the cloning spirits of the devils and other unknown creatures to direct people or to select for them wives or friends to narrow their environments of activities.

It is essential to return to the old forms of love and the true romance.

It is important to cancel laws that are not humane such as the banning the marriage of religious staff in some of the religious establishments, nationalizations the civil rights and the houses and wealth.

The study shows also that many of the worker groups are working against the families and their prospectives by providing them to the illusions and inhumane styles and behaviours of life.

It should be banned by law the use of the images, or mimicking the behaviors and styles of relatives, friends and others to spy, or to organize the person under their shadows or categories that they prefer, even though it is difficult to prove their secret activities for the government bodies, and it explain their jealousness and awareness from the wide ties of the person.

or to express their awareness from variety and wide ties of the person,
Some of the groups have to enhance their understanding for the occupations of the others and their role in life.

It is recommended to take other random family trees genealogy groups from recent, previous and future immigrants to investigate and study the channels of the integrated security systems and their interactions.


My thanks and gratitude for the Governments of Canada, United States of America, United Kingdom and State of Kuwait for their support for the establishment of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri genealogy family tree groups. A special thanks to my parents, grand parents, ancestors and descendants of the Al-Mansouri and Al-Sourorri for their effort, inspiration, and patience while working on the genealogy study of both the families and the time before. Also I would like to thank the British Isles History Society of Greater Ottawa, the OPL librarians and the other workers, who participated on the genealogy study of my family truly and loyally for their guidance, invaluable suggestions and for making themselves available to monitor different stages of this study.

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