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Espionage in Canada and Western Countries: Part Thirteen

Active and sleeper cells of terrorists and criminals Downtown Ottawa, and in North America Part Twenty Nine

The diplomatic lines of Republics and Kingdoms of Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Egypt, Poland, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, Somali, Sudan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Džibúti , Pakistan, Turkey, Kuwait, French, China, Qatar, Libya, Eritrea, Ethiopia Pakistan, India, and United Arab Emirates are non-grata due to their dishonest works in national and international area. They ask for financial and logistic supports from Canadian government. They use most of countries for illusionary jobs, and their intelligence groups are working under the influence of temptation of wealthy people of the Arabian Gulf and the dictators of the World.

(d). A network of espionages, illegal transactions, terrorisms, prostitutions , human organs trafficking and assassinations . This group uses the prostitutions as a main strategy for espionages and assassinations. It acts illegally from national and international area of the World. It also uses apartments that belong to the officials leaders of ministries like ministry of interior, national security and defense of Yemen and the strategic consultants who belong to the former Iraqi regime mostly, and additionally that belong to the Arabian Gulf countries.

These apartments are used as prisons , cemeteries for political and human activists and citizens of Yemen, Iraq, Arabian Gulf States and African victims.

These methods are used by the integrated security systems of mentioned countries with the corroboration and logistic works of socialistic countries like Poland, France, Syria and Lebanon and other integrated dishonest workers who take place of western countries to act against international security system.

Immigration Canada is one of the gaps of Canadian security system due to the illusionary works of the representatives of integrated security system of most communities and the diplomatic lines of mentioned countries above and their diplomatic lines.

Official Canadian religious establishments offices, and houses in the case of Suni, Jewish, and shit religious Islamic groups also participate in these illegal activities with support of diplomatic lines of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq , Poland, Yemen, Iran ,Israel, former eastern European countries, and Islamic countries.

In addition; to these institutions there are active members who act from Ottawa’s School boards and Universities. Most new comers of Africa, Latin America, Asia and former Eastern European countries are victims , and they become a dangerous characters in acting against the security system and participating in terrorism, illegal transaction, espionage, crimes and murdering .

In addition to emigrational schools and universities of Canada, Polish church and its integrated non-religious , religious establishments and business centers are taken main part in espionage, illegal transactions , prostitutions, discrimination, and assassinations. Likewise with the Islamic religious and nationalistic establishments and institutions.

The prostitutions companies take place not only in former Soviet Union Republics, Philippine , Lebanon, Morocco, and Syria, but also in Arabian Gulf and Yemen.

Most victims are transferred from country to another by the officials of the ministries of foreign affairs, interior and defense in order to spread the criminal missions of their regimes , ease their movements and movements of their officials, damage the real , moral , economic systems and to ease the espionage’s operations.

Officials of integrated security systems act illegally in business , emigrational, social and economic affairs with the inspirations of Islamic and Eastern European countries religious and no-religious establishments.

An example of these criminal sets is, the integrated network that belongs to the Yemenite regime and which is a compound of multi-agents. This network of terrorisms, illegal transactions of transferring illegal drugs, prostitutions, human organs trafficking and assassinations etc. leads by the officials of miniseries of foreign affairs, interior and defense .

Their active members and organizers work from Universities of Sana’a and Aden, Yemenite Atomic Agency, the Scientific Researches Foundation, Hotels of Downtown Sana’a like Hadramout and Saion, diplomatic line of Yemen in Ottawa,

Iraqis and their integrated business centers like Salons of Gladstone, Salons of Hada’s street in Yemen or of Russia, apartments that owned or rented or given as a support from Ottawa Housing for them, Downtown Housing of Dewar is an example and housing of most immigrants of French-Africa, Closing Smoking Bars and restaurants of Preston street, NVN7 Auto’s Company in Ottawa.

Additionally, apartments owned in the world by the former Iraqi’s regime activists in Spain and Egypt (NVN7- Ottawa) , in Western countries by Yemenite and Egyptian agents of officials an KGB ( Al-Wan’s family Group: U.K. , Yemen and Ottawa are some of the agents) or by the integrated systems of former Iraqi and Saudi representative of a tribal group the Sheik Al-Ahmar ( Yemen: Egypt etc).

These groups corroborated with Lebanese and Syrian nationalistic, socialistic and religious groups.

One of the representatives of socialistic active groups who act under the cover of prostitutions is Mr. Khair Allah Said , the net-worker and participator of nationalistic, Islamic and socialistic groups of Syria, Yemen , Iraq and Lebanon. He acts from MacLaren Downtown Ottawa with his groups, that participate in corruptions, crimes and espionages. To this group belongs former Ambassador of Yemen in Iraq Mr. Ryiad Al-Akbari, who moved to Ottawa years ago.

Another agent is Mr. Samir Alwan Al-Sakaf who works with the socialistic and nationalistic groups of illegal transactions, crimes and espionages. He acts from Ottawa with logistic support of Polish , Syrian and Ukrainian agents groups. Mr. Ahmed the real name of , the Polish agent, who conveyed Islam in Morocco is, one of the agents of this group. He moved from Ottawa to Warsaw years ago.

Islamic centers of Ottawa downtown, restaurants, New Mexico and Texas Islamic Centers in the United States of America, as well as Al-Hadad’s family in Taiz and New Mexico are members of Islamic and radical, tribal and nationalistic groups that act for former Iraqi regime with the owner of NVN7 and his family relatives. They work and act under the umbrella of Islamic, or Racial groups to ease their movements and espionages for ill Egyptian , Yemeni and Iraqi’s regimes etc. Logistic helps are gotten from the officials of diplomatic lines of Yemen and Egypt or by the gents of pro-terrorism , and from the interior ministries of mentioned countries.

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