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Fighting Against Nationalizations the Wealth or Monumental events by M. T. Al-Mansouri, Ph.D.

Between the Rock and the Hard Place of Yemenite Socialist, capitalist and Islamic Governments.

Memories supported by documents and letters signed by the leaders. Documents are accurate, must be read and analyzed in depth. Documents are accessible not only to God and to Hollywood, but also for humans to understand and to avoid sins, errors and mistakes.

His Excellency the Yemenite President Ali Abdullah Saleh,
Sana'a, Republic of Yemen, January 5th, 1997


Subject: Claim for recovering the properties of late Haj Salam Saeed Saleh Abdulla Shalab, which consist of one house located in section F, street No (10) at Crater Aden, three houses in section B , street No. (6) at Al-Sheikh Osman and a piece of land No. (663) at Dar Saa'd (previously Dar Al-Amir).

Your Excellency, we appeal to you to direct the concerned party, who will enable us to recover what has been extorted unjustly and offensively. We are claiming to recover our property, which consist of one house located in section F, street No. (10) at crater under the ownership No. (1671), and three houses at section b, Street No. (6) at Al-Sheikh Osman, under the ownership No. (5191), (5192) and (5195) and the piece of land No. (663) at Dar Saa'd (previously Dar Al-Amir), under the owner No. (H-762). All these properties were owned before by Al Haj Salam Saeed Saleh Abdulla Shalab. We have no doubt that your Excellency will take positive action, which will enable us to recover our rights as soon as possible, because we live in a rented house and our financial conditions do not allow any postponement or delay.
We pray for God to keep you up for enforcement of rights and suppressing the injustice and extend your life.

The President Office sent the letter to the Governor of Aden. It is the following:
Brother Taha Ahmed Gahnim Commissioner of Aden,


Please find attached the request submitted to his Excellency the president, God bless him, from the brother the sons of Al-Haj Salam Saeed Saleh in which they claim their rights to recover their properties, which they say has been taken from them in the past and which are located in Crater , Al-Sheikh Osman and Dar Saa'd at Aden Province. Please review the attached claim and take the necessary actions according to jurisdiction.

Ali Mohamed Al-Anisi, the Presidency office, The Presidency office secretariat General, Dispatch No. 288, date: 1/2/1997. Seal of Yemen Republic. Date: 22/3/1997

The Same letters were handed or sent through the Councils of the offices to:

(1). The Vice-President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi of Yemen on January 5th, 1997

His response was the next: His problem should be solved in accordance with the Constitution and do not inviolate him from his full rights
The Vice-President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi
Signature. No.744, date: 25/07/1997. The Seal of the Council of Vice-President Office.

(2). His Excellency Dr. Faraj Saeed Bin Gahnim , the Prime Minister of Yemen on July 6th, 1997
His Response was the next:
To be refereed with our respects to the commissioner of Aden
Director of the Council of Ministers office, date 20/07/1997, M.S. M., The seal of Yemen Republic.
The Council of Ministers Office.

(3). His Excellency Minister of Construction, Housing and Urban Planning, Abdulla Hassian Al-Dafee on July 29th, 1997.

His Excellency refereed the case to the Chief State Land and Real Estates Department and sent to him the following letter:

Bother/ Chief State Land and Real Estates Department


Subject: Application by the in berates of Al-Haj Salam Saeed Saleh Abdulla Al-Mansouri
The above mentioned have filed an application to the ministry calming the recovery of their properties in Crater, Al-Sheikh Osman and Dar Saa'd in the province of Aden. Therefore we refer this claim for your review its priorities and documents submitted by them and then take the necessary action according to the rules and law followed in such cases.

The Minister of Construction, Housing & Town Planning
Abdulla Hassian Al-Dafee, the Seal of Republic of Yemen
Ministry of Construction, Housing & Urban Planning
Secretariat Administration. No. 3285, date: 9/8/1997.

The commissioner of Aden refereed the direction of vice president to the engineer Salam Al-Haj to review the attached claim and take the necessary actions based on the directions of vice president. When I want to Aden Governorate on June 21, 1997, the officials denied receiving any information about our claim and after discussion, waiting, explanation of my purpose etc. They went to the secret archives and brought to me the No. of my file (152). On June 19, 1997, the same situation and the same dialogue were with the officials in regards to the president letter firstly, they denied receiving any papers, but the recognized receiving it on March 22, 1997. I would like to remain that I got the signatures of officials in between guns, securities soldiers, spies, as well as with their translation and taking them out of the previous home land.

During my working for Qatar University and before my immigration to Canada, I had an occasion to meet His Excellency the Chairman of the House of Representative in Doha Qatar, on April 16th , 2000. and I handed him my letter with documents. The letter has been changed, because problems are in increasing.

His Excellency,

I am Dr. Engineer, who at present for Qatar University have the honor to submit to your Excellency this memo and pray for God then request your support for the right and its people for cases were submitted years ago to the responsible parties in the state but it was not solved until now and became one of the forgotten, hoping that it will find solution in you hands, with our thanks.
The cases are:

The cases of recovering our extorted houses and Land in Aden (at Al-Sheikh Osman, Crater Aden, and Dar Saa'd (previously Dar-Al-Amir),
the cases of recruitment and the intended postponement,
The Cases of my mother's murder and the robbery of the criminals.

Documents submitted previously to responsible persons in the State.
Copy with respect to: The Foreign Ministry of Yemen, The Ministry of Emigrants Affairs, The Ministry of Interior, University of Sana'a, The Ambassador of Yemen at Qatar, The Chairman of the Yemeni Community Council in Qatar, The Chairman of the Yemeni Supreme Court, The Yemeni Attorney General.

What Happened? Of course, nothing as usual.

I left Qatar to Poland for few days, later to Germany for one month in order to participate in scientific conference, which was held in Hamburg City in 2000 as well as for training. Month later I left Germany to go to Poland to wait for Canadian Permanent residence documents. In December, 2000, I arrived in Canada. and I started struggling in different directions with the past, present and future.

Is Aden really a free Zone? Is Yemen also a real state? Is the governor a governor or something else? Is there any God in Yemen? Who answers this question should get a Noble Prize. I think God is able to answer the questions.

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Comment by Kozeta Zavalani on August 6, 2010 at 12:02am
Thank you for this information...I wish you every success!

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