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Hitch your wagon to a star

Imagine if you could ride the wave of life without negative emotions- pain, anger, suffering

Dear Mohamed,

Imagine if you could ride the wave of life without negative
emotions- pain, anger, suffering ... and that reaching your ultimate
life as shown in Numerology could be embraced into your world as a

Watch this video and discover how

The other day I passed on a video from my friend Ryan where Bob
Proctor (from The Secret) explained visualization and the Law of
Attraction as a concept that anyone could easily understand.

Today, I'd like to pass on another video this time from The
Secret's John Assaraf and explains why it can be so effective and
how you can use it in your life.

This video is a breath of knowledge and inspiration... I'm sure
you're going to love it:

Watch John's inspiring video now

Today is a day that could be a turning point in your life.

The video sends you deep messages that sink deeply into your
subconscious--that help you understand that your thoughts and
attitude are everything--that little things DO matter--that habits
are more powerful than you may have realized--and everything can
begin to turn around for you with some very small but important

Just take a few minutes and I guarantee you'll be incredibly

Let this video explain

You'll even get to hear the incredible true story from 'The Secret'
of how John's visualizations shocked him by delivering the dream
home he'd imagined years before. And it happened so easily he
didn't even realize it was the exact same home he had on his vision
board he'd made years before!

Remember the Universe is abundant beyond our comprehension--and
the power you have to open the door to this limitless resource of
internal happiness is available to you and anyone else who truly
wants it.

It's miraculous really--and so confirming. YOU really can determine
your destiny and John will prove it to you right now.

Take a moment to sit quietly, watch this video, and enjoy
discovering the transformational power you have within.

Yours in numbers,

P.S- Be sure to
watch for the 3-part habit you absolutely must do
to make sure the things you want to manifest reliably flow to you :)

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Beaverton, OR 97005-2343 USA

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