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Memoirs: Yemen's crimes by M.T.Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

I do not only believe, but I am sure that the Yemenite government is like the common cuckoo, who does not consider the care of its young, and puts his eggs in the nest of another bird. It leaves it to hatch by the other sponsors, or to be attacked by other aggressive birds etc.

Letter to Canadian Human Rights Commission
Ottawa, Canada on May 13th, 2002

Dear Sir/Madam

I am Tawfik Abdulhamid Salam Saeed, a native of Republic of Yemen, and recently I became a resident of Canada since December 2000. I finished my Ph.D degree in 1995, and since that time, I have become persona non grata with Yemeni regime. This was because of my participation and activities to stop the Home War of 1994 via the many UN organizations of the World e.g. UNICEF, UNESCO, Arab League, WHO as well as via the President of Yemen and the Secretary-General of the United Nations. However, Yemeni government took me as an enemy of their corrupted regime. The fact of the attendance of that Yemeni authority official delegate, who was sent to investigate the case of my activities against-the war of 1994 etc. The started to cut out my scholarship, postponed sending my returned airplane ticket, threatened me as well as provided a psychological war against me. That was in Poland and the regime did that under the cover of cooperation job with some group of Polish political wings, who works against the human low and belong to the Semitic group.

Yemen authority decided to harm my progress as well as my family and took actions such as, dispersing my family in Yemen and in Canada, intendment postponement in my native country in 1996, damaging our business in Sana'a, Hantoosh Auto Spare Parts Store in 1997, as well as the Al-Kamal Pharmacy, murdering my mother and robbing our house in Al-Hojaria- Qadas on March 12, 1999. In addition, they followed me by their spies as well as by the former Iraqi regime spies. That hard damage happened outside Canada. Recently, the diplomatic line of the regime are interfering in my life here in CANADA, and using Canada as a place for unusual activities.

For the above reason, I apply to you with consistency of the Human Rights Declaration including the following:
Free and equal in dignity and rights according to items (2-5, 9-11),
Liberty and security of person according to items (18-20, 23, 27),
Free from discrimination according to items (1, 7, 10, 18),
Fair wages and safe working conditions according to items (16, 17, 21, 24, 25),
Religious aspect according to items (2, 13, 20),
Education and adequate health care according to items (26, 27),

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Cordially yours,

The Canadian Human Rights Commission response on May 22nd, 2002 and the answer was in the next form:

Dear Dr. Saeed:
Thank you for your letter of May 13th , 2002 addressed to the Canadian Human Rights Commission.
A copy of your letter has been forwarded to one of our Intake Officer for review. If appropriate, the Intake Officer will communicate with you in the near future.
Thank you for your interested.

Yours sincerely,
The Canadian Human Rights Commission

On May 28th , 2002 I received the next answer:

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your letter concerning the difficulties you have encountered in different incidents, which seem to have occurred in your native country of Yemen.
I have carefully reviewed your correspondence and must advise you that the Canadian Human Rights Commission investigates allegations of discrimination in employment and in the provision of goods, services and accommodation in federal areas.
As a result, we do not have jurisdiction on incidents, which occurred outside of Canada.
Consequently, I would like suggest that you contact a lawyer. She/he may be in a better position to deal with the issues you raise.
I wish you success in resolving your concerns and I thank you for bringing them to our attention.

Yours sincerely,
Annick Lger
Intake Analyst

The same letter was sent in the same date with documents attached to Amnesty International.

On May 21st, 2002, I received from the Amnesty International the next letter:

Dear Dr. Saeed:

We are a worldwide activist human rights organization, with headquarters in London, England. We take action to free prisoners of conscience, protect refugees, abolish the death penalty, and to end political killings, "disappearances", torture, and other grave human rights abuses. These are the only categories in which we may take on individual cases.
If your situation lies within any of these categories, you should send all particulars to our International Secretariat at 1 Easton Street, London WC1X 0Dw, England. They will decide whether it is possible for them to help you. Such decisions are always made in London, not here.
I am returning your documents to you, in case you should need them.

With kindest regards,

Dirk Partridge
Administrative Assistant
Encl: documents returned

Few weeks later, I sent my letter with attached documents to Amnesty International in London, England.

Furthermore, on the middle of May 2002, I wrote two letters in literary style to the previous President of South Yemen, who has been lived in Syria.
Because the system in Yemen explains to people, that former president is an absent to solve the problems of nationalization. It is part of recent regime strategies to escape from solutions. The two letters published in Arabic Language in Al-Moustakbal Canadian-Lebanese Weekly Newspaper.

His Excellency Mr. President I remembered and recalled you, when you cut the tape in our narrow lane in my region area, and around you your trusted companion and comrades. They were swaying back and forth, applauding, and praising to you cheerfully. But now the torrent is overflowing, submerged and destroyed our regions' area and the narrow lane. It merely to be left on it is outlaw highwayman and poor citizens. They are suffering from sharp pain, distress, affliction, and shortages in flour. They are also divided into masters and slaves. The children are crying and lamentation, because of collapsing from hunger.
His Excellency the president is this your old dream, and succession of images? I know that Damascus is putting you away from anger and disturbance, it's odour and scent open your inspire, yet, I will remind you about Yemenite unique flowers and the Yemenite original music melodies. I am asking you about rights in the old past? Let our unity studies' project, firstly, the unity of Toor ALbahha, and Zaraniggh tribes, What Ahmed and his father are doing with agates? What about scheme, murder and khat opium and soup bowl? Moreover, what about the Imam who praised by his preaches speech the supreme creator, who has the salary, position and career? By this we will be together as an excellent lover and true friends, I am Dr. Tawfik writing to you these lines from Canada from Johns and Shaffigu's restaurant. Finally, my regards and the regards of the rooster to you, who calls you and says Cook-a-doodle-doo, Cook-a-doodle-doo, Cook-a-doodle-doo.

Second Letter:

His Excellency the president you were being created as a president by the supreme Creators' heightened stimulation .You were calling for the nations' affair, being evoking and summoning for the citizens concern, and you exerted forth many efforts to contend and eliminate all distinctions and all disparities. Moreover, your pictures were being hanged in all streets' wall, all regions' corners and containers. But now you are named and identified by the Previous Yemenite President. They wanted by you to proceed further and acquire a triumphed victory for Palestine, and pass by you the Strait of Gibraltar, and you sir, have not enough vessels or marine ships. You are just eating Shawarma in Damascus and sausages in Aleppo.
They made from you a young gentleman, merely hugging and embracing in an affectionate way, they made also your companions and comrades in your association, as well as your relatives and friends all were being executed suspension and sadly hanged. They became misguided and lost toward evils tunnels and trenches. They were being next to a brutal viles, robbers, and highways' bandits

His Excellency the president you left away Yemen with its all tribes, lineages and factions, And the thunderclaps crashes against Yemeni people once it leave them away, and once it hugging them. Their bodies were being filled and stuffed with harmful infections and disease, afflictions and calamities, and with plagues and guns. Now, you go back to your homes and regions, and leave off talking about the insane cracker and the hypocratic person. And then sell all your wealth riche and all your esteemed prestigious, and go back to live next to the Al-Syssaban and Alawalegg aiming to build up the home of Dhi Yazin, Um Shaffale and Tarig, so as to annul the laws of nationalization, and to make the rights goes back to its real owners, and to be safe from the punishment of the supreme creator in his Judgment Day

Letter to of introduction to Mrs. Bette E. Shifman, the Principal Legal Counsel at the Permanent Court of Arbitration of the United Nation at Peace Palage, Carnegieplein 2, 2517KJ, the Hague, Netherlands

Ottawa, Canada, December 30th, 2002

Dear Sir:

Please allow me to introduce myself, I am Doctor Tawfik Saeed. Can you give particulars in this matter, and refer to somebody, in your organization, to advise me on this problem.

Cordially yours,



The foul play of the Yemenite government with citizens as well as with the international organizations has not finished yet.

In spite of these obstacles and other catastrophies, I still remember the numbers and the details of our claims and properties among them;

The forbidding me from my civil rights.
The Commercial Registration Card for Hantoosh Auto Spare Parts Store: No. 6851, the Al-Kamal Pharmacy registration No. 19/1996 A.
Our property, which consist of one house located in section F, street No. (10) at crater under the ownership No. (1671), and three houses at section b, Street No. (6) at Al-Sheikh Osman, under the ownership No. (5191), (5192) and (5195) and the piece of land No. (663) at Dar Saa'd (previously Dar Al-Amir), under the owner No. (H-762). More over, the date of the killing my mother and robbing the house on March 12, 1999.

It is true that the Yemenite Court punished the murders of my mother after we paid all the expenses, which equals around $100.000 American Dollars. This amount paid for security members, judges and soldiers as well as for the recent minister of interior affairs, who was on that time a chief of the security of Taiz region. They punished the killers also after the great effort of my father, relatives and the local as well as mine and international the organizations and establishments intervention.

The regime killed the murder of course to cover its crimes.

I am still paying money and I am making an enormous effort to enforce the government to cancel the law of nationalization in order to benefit all the owners of properties in the city of Aden as well as to stop the aggressive attack of the Yemenite government against its citizens.

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