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The New Canadian Trend of Thought By M.T. Al-Mansouri,Ph.D.

(A)The New Canadian Trend of Thought in Regards to Arabic Language: Poetry, Short Stories and Essays

1. The Mixing Circumstance (Letter for Recent President of the Arabia Flex)

2. Two Letters to the Former President of Arabia flex

3. Abdulwadood and Palestine

4. From Rooster Inspiration: Hospitality, Mask, and the Rooster

5. The Cow and the Promise

6. From Rooster Inspiration: The Hyena, And the Dove of Peace

7. The Happy Man, and the Collapse and Benefit

8. From the Inspiration of the Rooster: The Beauty, and the Remedy and the Sickness

9. The Insomnia and loving the Country

10. Diplomacies

11. Hindi Spacing: Mixture, and Carry and Cammon

12. The Lovers of The Rooster: The Hyena, The Dog, and the Rat

13. The Seeker of Love and Freedom

14. Lost – 17 Lost and were published in 2002 at the Al-Mostakbal Weekly

18. Lost: The Drama of the Bi-Paradise

19. Garden Zoo is Published in the United States of America

20. Modern Worships: In the House, at Home, In the Stable, At The Castle, At the Shack, On the River, And At the Butchery

21. Rooster’s Affairs: The Rooster and the Burning Land’s Constitution, Foreign Relationships and Cooperated Works, Resistance, The Pray, the Superstition, The Monster, The Dove of the Peace, The Testament, Conversation, The Voice, Identity, and Exclamation

22. Rooster’s Tradition: Tradition’s Food, Seeds and Grain, The Choice, Mon’s Contemplation, and the Complain

23. Rooster’s Contemplation: The Propaganda, Short Recommendation for a Friend, The River and the Alligator, Contemplation and Hope, And the Magnification and Greatness

(B) The New Canadian Political and Humanitarian Trend of Gallery Arts

1. The Closeness and Freedom of Thought 1

2. The Closeness and Freedom of Thought 2

3. The Closeness and Freedom of Thought 3

4. Imaginary Intelligence Hope

5. Humane Cloning

6. Wisdom and Leadership

7. Preparation for Intelligence Fights

8. Victims of Inhumane Transactions Organs

9. The Hoopoe

10. Garden Song

11. The System and the Hope

12. The Corruption

13. The Dinosaur

14. The Illusionary Research

15. Tradition and the Birthday

16. Classical and Modern Thought’s Confrontation

17. The Administration

18. The Solidarity of the Time

19. The Hope and the Traditions for Better Generation

20. Responsibility 1

21. Responsibility 2

22. Responsibility 3

23. The Circles Around the Prophet

24. The Mother of Mushroom

25. The Donkeys and Human Rights

26. The Kingdom’s Conversations

27. The Special Invitation for Mr. Donkey

28. The Circles and Hope

29. The Fortune and Exodus

30. The Fact and the Imagination

31. The Victims of Inhumane trades

32. The Life

33. The Sieve

34. The Peace and The War

35. The life and the Death

36. The Lord

37. The Victims

38. The Computer teacher’s

39. The Corruption and Cloning Jobs

40. The Old Man and the Rooster

41. The Disabilities

42. Modern Trade and Transactions

43. The Unknown

44. The Megalomania

45. The Spring

46. The Mendicant

47. The Scarifies

48. Non-Parasitism

49. The Rooster and the Wake up

50. The Hobbies

51. Fight or Friendship

52. The Holy Land 1

53. The Holy Land 2

54. The Patient 1

55. The Patient 2

56. The Patient 3

57. The Imaginary Journey and the Rooster Empire

58. The Cause and Effect 1

59. The Cause and Effect 2

60. The Cause and Effect 3

61. The International Units 1

62. The International Units 2

63. The International Units 3

64. The International Units 4

65. The International Units 5

66. The Imaginary Form of the Devil and Cloning Sprit

67. The Rooster and the Horse

68. The Rooster’s Resistance

69. The King of the Rooster Empire

70. The Pasture and the Valet

71. The Discontent

72. The Imaginary Lover of the Rooster

73. The New Franc and Francophone

74. The Modern Socialization

75. The Competitive Activities

76. The Newcomers and Unknown

77. The Road of the Prophet

78. The Intolerance

79. Political Incarnation

80. The Psychological Incarnation

81. The Judgments and Resurrections

82. The Social Discoveries

83. The Rooster’s Victory

84. The Illness’s Transferring

85. The Teacher’s and Tradition

86. The Teacher Rights and the Planners

87. The Fact and Dream

88. The Inhumane Plan

89. The Angels and the Rooster

90. The Immigration and Victims

91. Fight Around the Rooster 1

92. Fight around the Rooster 2

93. Fight around the Rooster 3

94. The Support

95. The Socio-Political Activities

96. The Breaking the Code of the Virus

97. The Intolerance and Breaking the Code

98. The Close Habits

99. The Reflection 1

100. The Reflection 2

101. The Reflection 3

102. The Crimes

103. The Similarities and Differences

104. The Empire of the Rooster 1

105. The Empire of the Rooster 2

106. The Rooster and Unusual Community

107. The Loving the Animals

108. The Manifestation

109. The Disagreement

110. Like Son Like Father

111. The Same Sight

112. The Thought and Conflict

113. Tactic of Conflict

114. The Immortal Constitution

115. The Future of the New Generation

116. The Psychological Integrated Environment

117. Wisdom and Shiftiness

118. The Companies of Death

119. New Generations and the Promised Lands

120. The Morality and Immorality

121. The Superpower and Trial

122. The British Cow and the Terrorism

123. Flying Cow

124. The Black

125. The White

126. The Red

127. Yellow

128. The Blue

129. The Green

130. The Modern Integrated Promotion

(C) Copy Rights Lost and Transferred Arts

The ideas and the Image of Two American Science fiction Films entailed the Rat, and the Devil,

Owner of Scientific idea (Patent) in the NORTEL COMPANY,

Two books in Arabic Language about Agriculture Production and One short article in Arabic Language entitle “ Puzzlement”

July 2nd, 2005

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