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برتوكولات مشائخ الظلام الجزء الرابع : وزارة الصحة والقضاء The Protocols of the Yuppies of Darkness: Part 4.The Protocol of Ministry of Health and Justice

Oh my goodness! Who has beaten you harmfully? Shattered your amusing face? Given you money and aid?
And ordered you to attack all your friends and acquaintances?
Is that not for the weak and silly man?
He answered and said " Yes, that man, the weak and the son of the weak".
They stopped giving him bananas because he repented, and then they cut off the expenses, money and aids from him.
Ultimately, they threw him out, stripped the skin off his body and put him with other skinned people.

.من وخشـك (حطم أو هشم) وجهك وجسدك؟ يا لطيفومن شوه وجهك الظريف ؟
واعطاك المصاريف ؟

وامرك بمهاجمة كل الاصـدقاء والمعاريف؟

اليس ذلك الرجل السخيف والضعيف ؟
.اجاب بنعم وقال نعم ذلك الرجل الضعيف ابن الضعيف

.حينها قطعت عنه الموز لانه تاب ثم قطعت المصاريف , ثم رميت به وسلخته مع المساليخ

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